2022 Free Story Writing Competitions

With the ever-increasing number of emerging writers in the writing industry, getting recognition for your story writing or poetry skills has become increasingly difficult. 

But whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a while, there are many free poetry competitions and story-writing competitions you can engage in to gain recognition for your story-writing skills without any cost. 

Many of these free story-writing competitions offer cash prizes and even publishing contracts to winners of story-writing competitions.

By entering these free story writing competitions, you have at least a chance of seeing your writing published in print or online.

Here is a quick look at our top 7 recommendations for free story writing contests in case you’re in a hurry:

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2022 Free Story Writing Competitions 2

7 Free Story Writing Competitions In 2022

  1. Globe soup competition
  2. Fusilli Flash Fiction
  3. Chorus Voice Competition
  4. The Face Project
  5. Flash Fiction 101
  6. Secret Life of Data Writing Contest
  7. Christmas Ghost Story Competition

Globe Soup Story Writing Competition

Globe soup organizes a 7-day free story writing challenge with an award of £500, which takes place throughout the year. 

Here’s how the challenge works:

Once you sign up and there’s a new challenge, you’ll be randomly assigned to a group. This group represents the genre(horror, sci-fi, etc.) you’ll be writing on. But if you don’t have any experience with that theme, you don’t have to re-register but can wait for the next challenge and then compete if you’re interested in writing for them.

Globe soup story writing guidelines

  • A deadline of 7 days after being assigned to a group
  • A maximum of 2000 words
  • 18 years and above
  • Must be written in English

Up for this? Check the full competition guideline and register for the competition here.

Fusilli Fiction Writing Competition

If you’re adept at writing short flash fiction stories of about 200 words, Or maybe you’re looking to challenge your fictional story writing skills; Fusilli’s flash fiction free story writing competition got you covered

Fusilli free story writing competition Guidelines

As there’s no specified theme to this free writing competition, you can send in any theme of your choice to their email or check their official website for full info and guidelines.

Chorus Voice

The chorus voice is a free story-writing competition hosted every two weeks. The prize winner is awarded £250, and a randomly selected entry is awarded £500.

And, unlike other writing competitions, chorus voice is more like promotional content. If you are good at journaling or writing nonfiction stories, you should find this ideal!

Basically, you’re to promote or send in highlights about your neighbourhood – it could be an event, a business, a brand, or an interesting highlight.

Chorus voice free story writing competition  guidelines

  • An approximate 250 words with 2 relevant pictures
  • No deadline – takes place every fortnight

You can check out this sample article to better understand how this works.

And ensure to go through the competition rules before you apply here

The Face Project 

If you’re someone who loves taking inspiration from drawings, stories, art, or objects while writing stories trust me, this face project is for you, and here’s how it works

Over 28 weeks, the oil paintings you’re to write on will be pasted, which will be found at the bottom of this page.  You’ll check for the ones you find inspirational enough, write on them and send them to thefaceproject@artam.ar

And to top it all, it’s allowed if you’d love to write in any language other than English! But you’ll have to contact the organizers to discuss your preferred language.

The face project free story writing competition  guidelines

  • Maximum of 1000 words
  • A maximum of 28 entries are accepted from each participant
  • Deadline on January 23rd, 2023

Here’s the full guideline regarding this free story-writing competition.

Flash Fiction competition 

If You’re Up for a story writing competition that challenges your writing, editing, and precision skills as a writer, look no further. The flash fiction 101 was probably tailored for you.

Flash fiction 101 hosts a monthly free story writing competition that requires you to write the content of exactly 101 words, no more, no less. A challenge of skills!

And as each month has its theme, you don’t have to crack open your head to get ideas.

What more? You’ll automatically be shortlisted for their annual writing competition if you win a monthly competition. 

Check all details about the flash Fiction competition  and registration process  here 

Secret Life Of Data Writing Competition 

How does taking a break from writing the usual fictional content sound? 

Sounds good? Then this free story writing competition might be for you.

Secret life of data’s main goal is to educate and expose people to the reality of securing one’s internet trails or activities that might leak personal information online.

And for that, highly creative writers that can weave details about one’s internet trails online into a compelling narrative are needed. 

Winning Prizes range from $1000 -$250, and the deadline is on the 12th of September 2022.

What more? Entries are totally free.

Are you the needed creative writer? 

If yes, check all details and rules for the free story writing competition  here 

Christmas Ghost Story Competition 

Have you ever heard of the tradition of narrating supernatural or ghost stories around the Christmas festival?

Well, that was the inspiration behind the Christmas ghostwriting competition

The fun fact is that you don’t have to write a ghost or supernatural story to compete in this free story-writing competition  – but if you’re a fictional ghostwriter, I guess here’s the perfect platform to flex your potential.

The entry fee is free only for children of age 16 or below. If you’re older- you’ll need to pay just £3.

Ready for it? Get all the instructions and full details about the ghost story competition.


And that’s a wrap about our 7 best free story writing competitions you can enrol in before 2022 runs out.

If there’s any fantastic free story writing competition we didn’t include in our list, please let us know in the comments box below!

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