Baby Coo Coo: Poem By Ramon Yusuf

Baby Coo Coo is a modern lullaby by creative poet, Ramon Yusuf. The poem describes the carefree life of babies in relation to the struggles of being an adult. The poet went back down memory lane and wished he could remain a baby forever. Enjoy the poem below:

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Baby Coo Coo: Poem By Ramon Yusuf 2

Baby Coo Coo Poem

So mild and tender

Looking lovely and innocent

Oblivious of life hardship

You are welcome to the world of humans

Crying on the day you were born

A natural preparation

Towards life’s critical suffering

Created by the evil ones

Mother smiling with tearful eyes

People celebrating and jubilating

Expecting their plates of Jollof

Certainly, it was a day of fun

The lucky ones were born into wealth

Others born without a silver spoon

Though we share a common origin

Our destinies are divergent

Finally, baby You was laughing

Bursting out at every touch

A life everyone wishes for

Where only Coo Coo could be said

About the author

Ramon Yusuf

Ramon Yusuf, popularly known as Ramonsaint, was born and raised in the trench environment of Iju, located on the outskirt of Lagos State in Nigeria. As a young and creative writer, he is passionate about blogging and believes in the power of a pen which motivated him to form a family of the PoemXtranians. He is an experienced and versatile content writer working with several top blogs across divergent niches.

He aspires to become a Petroleum Engineer and studies the course at the prestigious University of Ibadan. He is a die-hard fan of Chelsea Football Club.


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