Battle For The Throne: Chapter 2

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chapter 2
Battle For The Throne: Chapter 2

Los Angeles City’s Hospital

Alex is in a VIP ward while Edward is admitted into the second room beside Alex’s room. The doctors were attending to both of them when Malcolm arrived at the hospital. He was about to walk into Alex’s ward when he was stopped.

“Sir, please, we can’t allow anyone into his Highness’s room,” a guard said to Malcolm

 “Do you know who I am?” Malcolm asked, looking irritated

“Yes, your highness,” the guard replied, bowing

“So what is the me…..” He was unable to finish his sentence when he was cut short by a voice

“No one is allowed to enter his room” Malcolm looked back to find out who just spoke.  It turned out to be Richard, King Seth’s personal guard and Edward’s dad

“Oh, Richard,” Malcolm said, surprised

“Your highness,” Richard greeted as he bowed

“I just wanted to see him; why can’t I see him? I don’t understand all this.” Malcolm said, regaining his posture

 “I’m sorry, Prince Malcolm, his Highness is in a critical condition, and my job is to protect him,” Richard replied

Malcolm took a deep breath and then left the hospital looking downcast. On his way, he dialled Remy’s digit.

“Hello boss,” Remy voiced from the other end of the phone

 “How did Alex manage to survive? You piece of shit.” Malcolm said angrily, ignoring his greetings.

 “I’m sorry, your highness,” Remy apologized, but this annoyed Malcolm more; as he was about to lash out more words at him, he noticed Richard is looking at him. He stayed silent for some moment before calmly telling Remy to meet him at his house in an hour.

He hung and then moved out of Richard’s sight completely.

Texas City    Malcolm’s house

 As Malcolm entered the hall, all the guards bowed to him, although he ignored them as he angrily approached Remy and gave him a heavy blow on his face.

“I’m so sorry, your highness,” Remy said, bowing

“You are sorry? Like seriously, does that amend the mistake you made? Do you know the consequences of the mistake? Do you know what that mistake of yours has caused? Huh!!!” Malcolm stated angrily

“I promise, I will get rid of him very soon,” Remy replied

“Too late; Richard is now guarding him personally,” Malcolm said

“So, what are we to do next?” Nicole, who has kept mute while watching the two men, finally speaks up

“Let’s wait and see who they will choose as their king first,” Malcolm replied

 “What if he wins? You know, we need plan B,” Nicole said

“Then I will have to send him out of the world myself, but first, I need to see Philip; I know he can help,” Malcolm said and then dismissed his guards as he left for his room with his wife.


 Alex woke up with his head banging, the headache was severe, but he managed to sit up. Just as he turned to his right, he saw Richard and looked away to discover the numerous guards parading the room.

“Welcome back to life, your highness.” Richard greeted, bowing to him.

“Where are my parents?” Alex asked

 Richard was silent for some minutes; as he was about to reply, Alex continued, “Where is Edward? Is he alright?”

“Edward is fine,” but I’m sorry for the death of your parents,” Richard replied

“No, tell me you are joking; tell me they are fine; where are they?” Alex said in tears, hoping Richard would tell him it was a joke, but Richard only made a sorry face and then bow.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex shouted as he started disconnecting the drips from his body angrily, crying bitterly. Richard called on the doctor, who came in and injected Alex and then dozed off.  

Three Days After

The Palace

 Alex is in his room looking worried and broken. Few minutes later, he heard a knock on his door. “Leave,” he said

The door was, however, forced opened, and then Richard came in bowing

“I said leave!!!” Alex shouted at him.

“Will you stop this!!” Richard shouted back at him

Alex looked surprised because he had never expected Richard to shout at him like that since no one dared to shout at him, not even his dad.

“Did you think I’m happy your father died? Or did you think staying indoors will resolve the matter? Look, many people out there need your attention and care. You are the crown prince, the rightful owner of your dad’s seat.” Richard said angrily

 “I don’t want the fucking throne!! To hell with it,” Alex replied

Richard remained quiet and then passed him a letter. “This is from your dad,” He said and walked out

Alex opened the letter immediately after Richard left and continued to stare at the content.

Dear Alex,

  I know you reading this must mean I am no more. I’m very happy that Richard gave you this. Don’t be grieved about my death, be strong, and never give up no matter what happens. I know I won’t be able to win the war against China, but you will and must win. Don’t allow anyone to pull you down. Fight anyone who fights over your right, and please protect your people. Make your mother and me proud. I LOVE YOU SON.

Your loving father, Seth

With teary eyes, Alex read the letter over and over again until he fell asleep. Edward and Richard watch Alex as he sleeps through the CCTV.

Edward sighed and asked his father worriedly, “Dad, do you think Alex will overcome this

“Yes, he is a strong boy,” Richard replied, then bent to his son’s height, holding his palm tightly. “Promise me, son, that you will always be there for his Highness,” Richard said

“I promise I will,” Edward replied, sounding determined

Three Hours Later

Alex woke up from his bed and realized he was still holding the letter. He read it again, folded it, put it on his desk, and walked out of the room. The guards bowed to him as Alex approached them.

“Where is Sir Richard?” He asked

“He is in the training yard with Sir Edward, your highness.” One of the guards replied

With no other words, Alex surged out of the palace to the training yard. Richard and Edward saw Alex coming and stopped their training to greet the prince.

Alex walked toward Richard and said, “I am ready.”

Richard looked at him sternly, asking, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Alex replied, determined. “Then let the training begins,” Richard said

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