Battle For The Throne: Chapter 3

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battle for the throne chapter 3
battle for the throne: chapter 3 by AJ Emmanuel

King Feng is preparing for an outing in his chamber when one of his guards knocks on his door. 

“Come in,” he said, coming out of his chamber dressed 

“Your majesty,” the guard said as he bowed

 “Any problem?” King Feng asked 

 “Prince Malcolm of USA wishes to see you.” The guard replied. 

The king smiled and then replied, “Let’s go then.”

Malcolm was sitting in the palace hall when Feng came in. All the guards bow immediately on sighting him. Malcolm stood up to shake hands with him. 

“I heard you want to see me.” Feng said”

Yes, I have come to tell you I have agreed to your terms.” Malcolm replied

 Feng frowned at first before trying to talk. “You mean…..”

“I have agreed to your terms, and you have to agree with mine; then we can work things out together,” Malcolm said not allowing Feng to finish his sentence 

 Feng took a deep breath before asking. “What are your terms?”

“You know of the incident that happened two years ago, right?” Malcolm asked 

“Of course, who wouldn’t know? The great king Seth died,” Feng replied nonchalantly

“I want you to get rid of his boy, Alex, for me and then I will give you what you want,” Malcolm said 

On hearing this, Feng laugh out 

“I don’t see anything funny from my words,” Malcolm said, looking a bit confused and annoyed

“Oh my…” Feng finally coughed out his words after a long laugh 

 “You mean you want me to kill the crown prince on your behalf when I am in war with him 

Did you know how many guards will be at his disposal? Please cut that slack off it is impossible.” He concluded. 

“Then you should forget the terms” Malcolm threaten. 

“And do I look like I care? Look, I will have the nation because I already make allies with many other nations, a nation without a king did not stand a chance, so will you get out of my face before I change my mind” Feng said angrily as he left the hall.


When Richard comes in, Alex and Edward are in the training yard practising how to handle a gun. 

“How is it going?” He asked them 

 “Awesome”, they both chorus 

“Your highness” a voice called from behind. They all turned in the direction of the voice, and it was from an old man. On sighting him, Richard and Edward bow to him. 

“Sir Victor”, they both greeted. (Victor is the leader of the kingmakers) 

“It’s great seeing you, Sir Victor,” Alex said 

“Yes, your highness, the citizens have been waiting for 2 years for their king, and China has been aggressive lately, we need to appoint you very soon,” Victor replied 

“Have you picked a date yet?” Alex asked. 

“No, your highness, the other kingmakers insist that we host a meeting concerning this before we pick a date.” Victor reply 

Alex sighed. “When is the meeting?” He asked. 

“Tomorrow, your highness,” Victor replied

 “Okay then, I will be there,” Alex said, dismissing him 

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Edward asked from behind. 

“Yes,” he replied. “But I will be ready for whatever they throw at me,” Alex concluded with determination. 


In the meeting hall, there is a large table in the middle surrounded by chairs which are all occupied by the kingmakers and Malcolm. An empty seat is in the middle of the round table and is meant for Alex. They were discussing among themselves when the large door was open suddenly. Alex and Richard enter the room. 

Everyone in the hall stands as soon as they sighted Alex, who walks to his seat with Richard standing next to him. Afterwards, everyone returned to their sitting position, and Alex began addressing them. 

“I’m so sorry for coming late; please accept my apologies,” Alex said. There was silence, then Alex continued, “Let the meeting begin then.”  

Sir Victor stood and then started, “as we all know, this meeting has been arranged, and we have decided to follow the rules and plans our late king (King Seth) wrote. Please, John, read out the late king’s letter.” He then returned to his seat. 

John stood with a file in his hands. He opened it and started reading out the content. “This is what the late king wrote in his letter, he began; 

"After my death, all my properties should be shared accordingly; however, if my wife is no more as well, then they should all be given to my only son Alex, including the throne." 

Philip and Victor exchanged looks aggressively, while Malcolm also stared at John, who is reading with deadly eyes.

“And also the late king gave out strict instructions about the war going on with China. We must not give in to their plans; we must fight to the very end.” John concluded and then took his seat. 

“This is bullshit!!” Malcolm said angrily as he stood. “Can’t you all see? This is taking us nowhere, we can’t win this war, and now you are even trying to input a child on the throne; this is absolute madness!” He added. 

“That is an order from the late king which must be done,” Victor replied immediately. “But don’t you think he is too young to lead?” Philip asked. “If the late king can put him there, then he is not too young,” Victor replied. 

“That can never work; we can’t……”

“Prince Malcolm, please respect yourself.” Victor cut him off his words. 

“This is what I hate, Prince!! Am I born to be a prince forever?” Malcolm said in frustration. 

“Please, don’t bring in your personal issue to the country duties, so will you please sit or walk out of here?” Victor replied. 

Malcolm sat reluctantly. 

“Are there any further objections?” Victor asked. 

Everyone was silent. 

“Then we shall be crowning Prince Alex next week. This meeting is dismissed.” Victor said as everybody took their leave. 

Malcolm and Philip are seen leaving the hall angrily. 

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