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love at first sight by Micheal Victor

I am so down

In my frowns, I drown

My state of reasoning

In a stance of no fleeing

Should we call it an obsession?

Though, I know not the implication

In loneliness, I dwell

Believing all is well

At dawn,

I decide to walk

Perceiving the fragrance of peace

Maybe, my worries will cease

With sounds of the words

From the trees in my yard

Propelling the presence of anxiety

I sight the face of her beauty that glints

Her torso drives my medulla from nine to zero

Now it seems I have lost my control

Though it was my first encounter

She appears to be like an empress

I try to hit

Yet, I cannot make it from entire

If love can understand

Then I should be justified,

Even if I am not audible

At least I am capable

Of making things well

Even if it shakes my fence

I will be fulfilled

Only if she could sight my love sense

Love At First Sight Poem: Background To The Poem

The poem talks about the poet falling in love at his first encounter with a lady. However, the poet made us understand different things from a lady’s physical appearance can make us fall in love aside from her character. The poem tells us that love is greater than problems and can capture our hearts at an impromptu point.

The poet also emphasizes the fact that one needs to be strong enough to control our emotions. Apparently, the poet does not have absolute control over his feelings and ends up in a displeasing situation.

Love At First Sight Poem: Setting

The poem is set in time since love has been in existence even before the creation of man. However, the location appears to be in a tropical open area from the poet’s words, “…I decided to walk perceiving the fragrance of peace and “with the sounds of the trees…”

Love At First Sight Poem: Structure

This is an eight-stanza free verse poem although some verses in the stanzas rhyme, the poem is a free verse in generality. The poem talks more about how love can affect your mind, state of well-being, and overall your emotions. The poet gives love superiority in the poem by putting it abreast of his heart and trying to overcome his feelings; however, it seems to be in vain.

The poem also allows us to understand there are men who cannot walk up to a lady out there through the verses, “I try to hit”…” Yet, I cannot make it from entire.”

Finally, the poet pleads with love to understand his state of emotions because he is getting weaker in the last two stanzas.

Love At First Sight Poem: Theme

  • POWER OF LOVE: The poem makes us understand that love is powerful in capturing and weakening man’s heart.
  • WEAKNESS OF MAN: From the poem, we can see that man’s weakness is falling in love because no matter how powerful a man is, he will surely surrender when love crawls in.
  • EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY: The poem shows how unstable and partially damaged the heart of the poet personnel is when he falls in love.
  • LOVE UNAWARENESS: This shows that love can come at any impromptu time.

Love At First Sight Poem: Poetic Devices

  • APOSTROPHE: The poet makes use of this by talking to love like it is present or capable of listening to his calls and pleadings.
  • FREE VERSE: This poem has no meter and can be described as a composition without meters, otherwise known as a free verse poem.
  • PERSONIFICATION: This can be seen in the poem when the poet portrays the sounds trees make when being blown by the breeze as the words they speak in stanza four “…sounds of the words from the trees…”
  • RHYMES: Some lines in the stanzas rhyme

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