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Enjoy this “roses are redpoem by an amazing poet, Micheal Victor.

Roses Are Red By Micheal Victor

Roses are red

My heart is for rent

Talk to me as a friend,

And leave the rest till the end

Roses are red

It might seem like a pretense

But, trust me

I have an essence

Just ride with me with great intense

Roses are red

Purples are rare,

My heart, to you, it cares

I see no harm to inject

Just ride with me till the end

Roses are red

Violets are blue

It’s you, and it’s only you

My love for you is always full

I might be down

But not a fool

Roses are red

Measure its strength

Violets are blue

And I belong to you

Roses Are Red Poem: Background Of The Poem

This poem lays emphasis on the generality of love making use of statements like “Roses are red,” Purples are rare”, and “Violets are blue.”
The poem also describes love as platonic from the beginning, which can also be called agape love. However, in the end, things change to greater effects on many occasions.

Roses Are Red Poem: Structure Of The Poem

The poem is a five-stanza rhyming poem that talks about love in its
entirety. However, love from the beginning has a condition that becomes limited with time and can determine how things will work out in the future.

In stanza one, the poet advises that the second person should start as a friend with nothing attached to the friendship and wait for what the future offers.

The second stanza continues with the poet suggesting that the female party might be hiding her feelings, but there is a reason attached to the behavior and once again reminds us that the future is crucial.

The third stanza also, in a polite manner, expresses that she cares a lot but that there is nothing hard to understand as a friend.

The fourth stanza takes us to a climactic situation in which the lady is already falling in love but tries to control it.

The fifth stanza justifies that the lady is already in love and can not measure how strong it is and finally brings us to an anticlimactic stance by letting us know that she has finally fallen in love. 

Roses Are Red Poem: Theme

  • PATIENCE: This poem advises us to be patient when we are trying to get
    what we want in a relationship. If you want to start a romantic relationship, it is
    better to begin it as friends rather than move straight into a romantic relationship. Afterward, any of the lovebirds can shoot the shot. 

  • POWER OF A WOMAN: We can see in this poem that women can control their feelings even if they seem to be falling in love.

  • FRIENDSHIP DETERMINES MORE: Friendship goes a long way if we try it out before a romantic relationship. 

  • LOVE CAN BE CONTROLLED: This poem makes us understand that they can be controlled regardless of how powerful love and feelings can be.  

Roses Are Red Poem: Poetic Devices

  • RHYMES: The poem employs rhymes in every stanza

  •  SYMBOL: The poem enjoins us to see that words can be symbolic by representing different events with them. “Roses are red” indicates the presence of love and affection between the characters. “Violets are blue”  implies that admiration can be seen in the poem since the guy admires the lady.  “Purples are rare” means that the kind of love and feelings presented in the poem is special and different. 

  • ANAPHORA: This talks about how words are repeated at the beginning of every successive line.  The word is “Roses are red.”


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