A Single Love Poem: When Was I Your Man

This single love poem by Yusuf Ramon narrates a short tale of one-sided love. The poem is a sad one since one of the characters is left heartbroken and disappointed at the end.

The poem also looks to correct the misconception people have when others are only being nice towards them. I hope you enjoy it.

single love poem when was I your man
When Was Your I Man By Ramon Yusuf

When Was I Your Man By Ramon Yusuf

When You smiled, I smiled

I showed empathy as a human

You think I have fallen for you

Whereas I was only being nice

I thought we were friends

I will love to keep it so

Taking things to another level

Might mark the dawn of trouble

I know it hurts

To be ignored by whom one loves

But a relationship should be mutual

To ensure it lasts forever

You have to let go

You have to release me

You have to forgive me

And free me from this bondage

Do not say I hurt you

Do not portray me as a bad person

Because the last time I checked

I could not figure out

When I became your man

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