Mixed Universities Solved Past Question For Post-UTME (English)

The mixed universities solved past questions for Post-UTME are a series of past question compilations by Barr. Adebowale Kolawole (Team Lead of the University Cadre Team)

These past questions are part of the materials I used as an aspirant and I hope you also find them helpful. If you need help with any of the questions, you can reach out to me or utilize the contact info on the docs to reach the author.

You can always get more of these soft copies on this site or at www.pdfmadeeasy.com.ng.

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Mixed Universities Solved Past Question For Post-UTME (English) 2

Here are the links to each series of the past questions:

Click here to download series 1

Click here to download series 2 (Complete version)

Remember to extract the doc file after downloading since the files will be downloaded in .zip format (zip file). If you do not know how to extract a zip file, you can check online as we are still working on providing a guide on that.

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