Wole Soyinka: Interesting Poem By Niyi Osundare

This poem was composed by veteran poet and legendary writer, Niyi Osundare in honour of another eminent writer, Wole Soyinka.

The poem captures the Nobel Prize winner’s background, activities, and achievements. We hope you find the poem encouraging enough to pick up a pen and start writing.

wole soyinka rea
Wole Soyinka: Interesting Poem By Niyi Osundare 2

Wole Soyinka By Niyi Osundare

Son of Isara

Son of Ake

Where rock trades greetings

With people on busy streets

Long, long, is the reach

Of your pen,

Of your minds which bubbles

Like fresh palm wine,

Your voice is rich and deep

Like the sound of ancient drums

Justice warrior

Man of courage

Summons every word

In your Books of Life

Your star shines

In narrow alleys and public square

Ripening yam fields leave

Their fattest tuber at your door

The vineyard seasons your throat

With its rarest wines

Akinwande, omo Soyinka*,

The earth throbs

Beneath your gentle feet:

Mould a song from its clump of clay.

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