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Poemxtra is the home of creative writings to those who know the value of beautiful lines of poems, quality essays, and captivating storylines.

The value and admiration for knowledge prompted the initiation of Poemxtra to liberate students from writing difficulties and provide an avenue for relaxation through the provision of masterpiece artworks across different genres of literature.

We are also keen on triggering the creativity in individuals and the ability of younger generations with the aid of our writing assistance services and both free and premium educational materials.

Students can also utilize the platform to get info on issues that affect them and how to enjoy their academic journey to the fullest with tips given in the student areas.

A spoken word dies when the speaker dies but a book lives forever


Ramon Yusuf (Ramonsaint) 


Michael Victor (Poet Treasure) 

Yusuf Yakub (Unique Pen)



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