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We give FULL ACCREDITATIONS and COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP rights to the authors of any external works hosted on our Poemxtra. We will never intend to or involve in stealing, manipulating, plagiarizing, or use any other form of dubious means to claim rights to works that are not produced, structured, or supplied by us. We also make efforts to get approval from poets before publishing their poems on our sites although the publishing rights of some poems remain anonymous to us.

All works included are solely intended for educational purposes with pure intentions. Kindly notify us if you observe your works have been hosted on our website without proper legal requirements and  we will make amendments or bring it down immediately accordingly. However, you many need to give us a maximum of 72 hours to perform proper investigations or carry out the needed actions.

To publish, duplicate, distribute, and list any materials published on Poemxtra on any other platform; all relevant copyright laws such as International copyright agreements and local copyright laws (Nigeria for Poemxtra) are applicable. Such procedures may require the permission of the individuals holding the legal publishing rights of the poems. You must know that the fact that a material has been published on Poemxtra does not guarantee that the owners will allow for their usage on other platforms.

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