If I Die Young is a sad poem in which the poet reflects on his wishes in case of an untimely death. The poet utilizes the use of practical requests, emotional sentiments, and a desire to leave a positive impact on others even in death.

If I Die Young is an interesting long piece of poem that you should not miss.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this masterpiece from Poet Treasure.

If I Die Young Poem By Poet Treasure

If I die young,
Share my write-up,
No matter how long,
So critics can read and dump.

If I die young,
Take my very beautiful poems,
Publish ten if not all of them.
And wish me well in the other realm.

If I die young,
Don’t play my best music,
I might shed tears and become toxic
Yes, it’s true and so pathetic.

If I die young,
Keep my trophies.
I know there are many,
Trust me, they are my logies.

If I die young,
Don’t cry for so long,
Sadness, agony and regret,
I say to you, see them no more.

If I die young,
Give my clothes to the beggars,
Let me keep making people smile.
I know this might be small,
At least I can touch more lives.

If I die young,
Bury me next to my mother.
I guess that’s her best wish,
I wish I could further,
But take this at its very least.

If I die young,
Take my dad,
Make him laugh all day,
He deserves that.

If I die young,
Stay with my dad,
He could cast down fire,
Turn a beauty into a beast,
Even more but these at least.
I hope he finds love and peace.
Find him and make his heart be at ease.

If I die young,
Take my best food,
Serve them to my brothers,
I know it sounds sober,
But that is all I can offer

If I die young,
Tell my girlfriend
I now have no one fiend.
Make her smile,
I know it’s hard,
But please, just try.
Tell her “He is fine.”

If I die young,
Remind my best friends about my favourite word.
Ring it dearly in their ears.
Let them know I still exist in the other world
And I am with them there and here.

If I die young,
Please don’t write “RIP
It walks on me like a centipede.
I know it might come from frenemies
But please don’t join such lunacy.

If I die young,
Play gently on the keyboard
A song known as “Rock of Ages
It’s a very common board.
Well, I have run the whole race.

If I die young,
Bury me in the next five days.
I swear, I wish to see the sun’s rays.
Take me not to the mortuary,
But put me in a sanctuary.
Keep money and save your salary.

If I die young,
Take this poem,
Publish it first,
Wish me rest
Don’t stress the rest.
Encourage my dad self.

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  1. I was recommended this website by my cousin I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty You are wonderful Thanks

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