Ramon Yusuf, popularly known as Ramonsaint, is a versatile and enthusiast writer who has also made entry into several other digital ventures including crypto, Web3, copywriting, and other similar ventures.

He has gained sufficient experience and knowledge from his time at Pilumdigitals, College Aftermath, Vicsguide, and other websites across divergent niches. He is currently a core member of Magrywriters, UxUy, Safetywaka, and freelance (ghostwriting and blog management) on other platforms.

Ramonsaint is also an aspiring Petroleum Engineer, enjoys playing football, and look forwarding to making writing a hobby for everyone


Treasure Michael is a renowned writer, actor, critic, keyboardist, and student from the Department of Theatre Arts at the Lagos State University (LASU). He is well known for his unique styles of poetry & story writings and loves adapting foreign stories to Nigeria settings.

He has won some prestigious poetry contests and also be known in vast social platforms and websites for his writing creativity.


Ajiboye Emmanuel a.k.a AJ Emmanuel is an up-and-coming storywriter with unique potentials and writing style. He was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria and is currently studying Theatre and Music at the Lagos State u

He is the author of many fascinating stories I including the hilarious House of Baba Sodiq, mysterious Battle of The Throne and so on.

He triples as a writer, actor, and a dancer.

Yakubu Yusuf a.k.a Unique is a professional web design who specializes in tweaking Elementor to bring out the beauty of any kind of websites. His reputation precedes him from the amazing works he had done in transforming websites such as poemxtra.com and djabbeyg.com into modern platforms with top-notch appearances.

He is also a degree-holding Biochemist and triples as a shoemaker. During his leisure time, he also bring his creativity into reality with a pen to complement his multi-
talented personality.

Muhammad Zayyad (Crafty) is a driven law undergraduate with a profound passion for content writing. Armed with a legal background, he seamlessly weaves his words to create engaging and informative pieces. His dedication to research, coupled with a natural flair for storytelling, allows him to craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers. Zayyad’s commitment to both law and writing empowers him to bring a unique perspective to various topics, making him a versatile and talented content creator.


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