Even though there may be different forms of medical practice, every physician put in their best efforts to improve people’s life. This involves dedication and sacrifice to achieve the best results by meeting the expectation of every patient. Plastic surgeons are expected to deliver perfectly since they perform various body modification procedures like reshaping the patient’s body or even performing complex and delicate procedures to ensure that the body functions perfectly.

Best Colleges For Plastic Surgery

The United States houses some of the best colleges for plastic surgery in the world. These Colleges serve as medical schools that every aspiring surgeon needs to attend to expose themselves to the rudiments of their profession which they would take into practice. This also includes an understanding of surgical procedures and anatomy. Surgeons must find the right college to enrol for pursuing their dreams. Let’s look at the best colleges you can afford for plastic surgery in the United States.

Stanford University School Of Medicine

Best Colleges For Plastic Surgery

Offering some of the most competitive programs among others in California, this college has trained some of the best physicians specializing in plastic surgery. Stanford University offers the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery as a seven-year course for all entries, and this lays a solid foundation for the surgeons to incorporate their knowledge and skills through a series of advanced training, clinical practice, and the commitment to research.

University Of Pittsburg Medical Center

Best Colleges For Plastic Surgery

Famously known as Pitt Med, this medical college is packed with advanced technological equipment and resources for every surgeon to advance in their various fields. Additionally, they don’t only acquire the experience and skill when learning the profession but also get to connect with various faculty members and instructors with decades of experience, with the likes of Dr. T. Oguz Acarturk, a well-renowned plastic surgeon who received several accolades throughout his career. According to College Gazette, Pitt Med is a leading icon in research, having a spot in the top list among various numbers of fields.

The University Of Michigan Health System

Best Colleges For Plastic Surgery

Based in the heart of Michigan, each department in this college focuses on innovation and learning. As a result, residents can begin clinical care situations with a touch of confidence. On the other hand, the patient will have a sense of care thanks to factors like the school’s multidisciplinary pediatric plastic surgery clinic. 

However, Michigan Medicine asserts that practice makes perfect, and therefore, the residents undergo delicate procedures by learning how to treat the patient when it comes to intensive care, and how to effectively communicate with the patient’s family in any circumstances. Moreover, due to the evolution of technology, certain projects are being embarked upon by the department; the development of a device designed to work with a patient’s nerves for making the procedure of surgeries natural.

New York University Grossman School of Medicine

When it comes to resources and commitment to the field, the Department of Plastic within this college located in New York cannot be left out. The Grossman School of Medicine is also regarded as one of the country’s most comprehensive plastic surgery education programs. Subsequently, students have the opportunity for seeking internships and also participate in the students’ elective rotation schedule, thereby exposing them to various medical cases for practice.

Facilities are what defines a well-organized medical department, and this program has it all, It boasts a state-of-the-art Smillow Research Center, a newly opened cadaver education tissue lab, and also a seminar room where students can learn how plastic surgery is being done from the works of their faculty members.

John Hopkins University School Of Medicine

Making its way to the top of the list among the best in the world, it serves as a fine college for plastic surgery. This school of medicine is also affiliated with the John Hopkins Hospital, which is known as a level-I trauma centre having the capacity to house almost a thousand patients.

John Hopkins University School of Medicine serves as a training ground for physicians working on several cases thereby developing their skills and the experience to succeed in the field. Therefore, the residency program for plastic surgeons is coupled with a rigorous but rewarding experience. The duration of the course is seven years, but the students get to devote six years to studying clinical work and the final year to research and become active participants in professional programs to add value to their knowledge.


  1. Which country has the most plastic surgery?

South Korea is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. The Asian country also has one of the highest rates of plastic surgery per capita.

2. How much does plastic surgery earn per hour in the USA?

According to sources, plastic surgeons get an average hourly pay of $177.28 in the United States.

3.  How long does it take to become a plastic surgeon in the US?

It takes approximately 14 years to become a plastic surgeon in the United States. This involves all stages from premed to final licensure.

4. Which is the hardest surgery?

Performing surgery on a patient isn’t an easy task there may be risks attached to the procedure, based on the kind of surgery. Some of the most complicated medical surgeries include Thoracic Aortic Dissection Repair, Craniectomy, Septal Mytecomy, Spainal Osteomyelitis Surgery, and Coronary Revascularization.


The colleges mentioned above may differ in terms of several factors, but one sure thing is that they offer comprehensive training programs, including state-of-the-art facilities and faculty members with decades of experience with plastic surgery.

If you are an aspiring surgeon with a knack for quality education and an unlimited supply of knowledge, then it is important to consider these institutions.

On the other hand, making a thorough background check and also putting several factors into consideration like individual preferences and career goals towards making a good decision will surely be a stepping stone to your educational journey in plastic surgery.


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