As writers, honing our craft while maximising opportunities for exposure and recognition remains paramount. Increasingly, free writing contests have emerged as an influential platform for both aspiring and established writers to showcase their work and earn recognition. Whether it’s a poem, an essay, or a short story, these contests provide an engaging avenue for writers to flex their creative muscles and pit their skills against others.

This article will explain what these contests are, delve into the multifaceted aspects of their purpose, benefits, and how one can effectively leverage these free writing opportunities.

What Are Free Writing Contests?

Free Writing Contests are opportunities for aspiring writers to showcase their talent and win accolades or prizes, without the need for any entry fee. They are fuelled by the aspirations of writers looking for a platform to express themselves, gain recognition and develop their skills. These contests come with numerous benefits, such as enhancing creativity, sharpening writing skills, and proving talent.

Types of Free Writing Contests

Short Story Contests

These types of writing contests provide the writer with the freedom to express creativity in a confined number of words, leaving room only for the most potent and relevant information, details and emotion. The art of writing an engaging, coherent short story whilst encapsulating dynamic characters is encouraged, with successful entries often typified by their innovative and creative approaches.

Poetry Writing Contests

These are well-suited for those with an inherent artistic flair and an ability to engage readers by creating evocative imagery and emotion from the abstract. They welcome submissions covering a series of styles such as sonnets, haikus, limericks or free-form poetry. It is a platform for imaginative minds to present their poetic prowess without paying a dime.

Essay Writing Contests

Essay writings are preferential for those inclined towards presenting arguments, ideas or experiences in an organized and analytical manner. They can encompass personal essays, critical essays, or even op-eds allowing contestants to voice their perspectives on a given topic. These contests are beneficial in honing research skills, organizing thoughts coherently and defending a point of view.

Note that free writing contests are not limited to these forms. There are even contests revolving around scriptwriting, flash fiction and more. Therefore, regardless of your preferred writing style, there is likely a free contest waiting for you.

Benefits Of Free Writing Competitions

Aside from the potential monetary reward or numerous achieved from success in a competition, free writing competitions give participants a multitude of additional bonuses. These competitions propel writers to aim for greatness and enhance their skills. The competitive nature urges participants to find their unique voices and invent new ways to enthral audiences. Moreover, these competitions grant exposure to a range of writing styles, subjects, and techniques employed by their peers, thus fostering a wealth of learning opportunities.

In conclusion, free writing competitions amalgamate diversity, originality, and talent into a thrilling forum. Such literary ventures won’t cost a thing, yet they hold the promise of delivering abundant returns in terms of knowledge, abilities, acclaim, and potentially even a cash prize.


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