If you are an aspirant of the University of Ibadan and would like to get a glimpse of what you should expect during the Post-UTME, then you would find this free UI Post-UTME past questions for medical aspirants helpful. The file contains 30 pages of questions which have been set following the same format as that of the University of Ibadan.

Note that the University of Ibadan now makes use of CBT for her Post-UTME exercise. However, there are chances most of the questions are past questions from the early years.

We have provided extracts from the full file that can be downloaded below. Please endeavour to share with others.

Extract From Free UI Post-UTME Past Questions

  1. He …………………………………. Not come now (a)needs (b)needed (c) need (d) will need
  2. Janet …………………. To know that we are all here (a) suppose (b) supposes (c) is supposed
    (d) should suppose
  3. Let it be …………… that there was no King in Ayegun (a) know (b) knew (c) known (d) knows
  4. (a) I heard his supposed apology (b) I heard his unconvincing apology (c) I heard his suppose
    apology (d) I heard he was supposed apology
  5. (a) I suppose you know the way (b) I am supposed you know the way (c) I suppose he knows the
    way. (d) they suppose he knows the way.
  6. We shall see you soon _ (a) shall we? (b) shan’t we? (c) shouldn’t we? (d) should we?
  7. We shouldn’t eat today _ (a) shall we? (b) shan’t we? (c) shouldn’t we (d) should
    Choose the option that most approximately expresses the idea in the underlined expression below
  8. His contribution to the project is invaluable (a) extremely useful (b) of no value (c) of little value
    (d) cannot be valued.
  9. That was a down-to-earth approach (a) Poor (b) Ordinary (c) Practical (d) immodest
  10. Concerning my admission, I have to cross my fingers (a) wait and hope for the best (b) wait in
    frustration (c)wait confidently (d)take some risk.
  11. On the matter of worship, some sit on the fence (a)go to the extreme (b)are decisive (c) are
    fanatics (d) are undecided.
    Choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the words underlined.
  12. Can you marry a lanky man? (a)tall and thin (b)sturdy (c)fat and short (d)short
  13. The election system we adopted was his Brainchild (a) undoing factor (b) invention (c) power (d)
    Choose the option that is opposite in meaning to the words underlined
  14. He always approaches issues optimistically (a)realistically (b) pessimistically (c) carelessly (d)
  15. Her health deteriorated rapidly (a) worsened (b) improved (c) stagnated (d) declined.
  16. Choose the option that sounds the same with bear (a) bare (b) beer (c) bared (d) beard.
  17. Choose the option that is correctly spelt (a) acomodation (b)accommodation (c) accomodation
    (d) acommdation.
  18. Neither of the presidential candidates __ suitable (a) are (b) is (c) is been (d) are been.
  19. Which of the sentence is correct? (a) a ten year old boy is missing (b) a ten –year-old is missing
    (c) a ten year old boy is missing (d) a ten – year – old boy is missing.
  20. Ten miles __ a great distance. (a) is (b) are (c) is been (d) was.

After downloading the past questions, it is important to know how to utilize it. We have discussed this extensively in this article.


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