Poem About Humans: People Will

“People Will” is a poem about humans that expresses the different hypocritical natures of humans. It shows that no matter how hard one tries, people will just always be people.

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People Will By Yusuf Ramon

People will fight for your support

And be against you in court

They will say,

It is all your faults

People will pretend to care

And ask you to sit here

Without no care

They will break the chair

People will see you coming

And say you walk like a king

Yet, they tweet and ping

That you have grown wings

People will give you a cut

And claim it does not hurt

They will set fire to your hut

And say at least you were not burnt

People will make you smile

And cover a mile

In search of a sire

To make you cry

People will join to wail

When you are crossed with the nail

They will send you to jail

And later pay your bail

Now, I have learnt my lesson

Not to trust any person

Even with a valid reason

Because people always will…

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