Have you ever thought of the question, are poems songs? It must have been a bit difficult to obtain a satisfying answer; read on to end your search for an answer.

Many people love to listen to the sweet melodies and rhythms of music, while others also crave the unique and powerful words of every poem they come across. It is imperative to note the striking similarities between poems and music. It should also be noted that music is not the same as the song, which is why many people confuse these not-so-similar terms.  This article will discuss the major differences between poems and songs.

Are Poems Songs: Similarities Of Poems And Songs

Poems and songs have almost the same features. Invariably, they usually employ almost the same mode of choruses and even rhythms. This extends to using several phonetic techniques to create a couple of rhythms, even though they do not necessarily need to rhyme together.

That is a bit about the similarities between the two, although people who love poetry might still be confused about why poems differ from songs.

Well, let’s jump right into comparing and contrasting both concepts in the section.  

Are Poems Songs: Differences Between Poems And Songs

Poems are no songs at all, even though any piece of song can be set into a poem. The difference will be better understood if we consider one of the general meanings of poems that assumes them to be any form of writing containing the writer’s or composer’s expressions and feelings. Meanwhile, songs are nothing but musical phrases that anyone, even animals, can utter. Songs also come in the form of a typically recognizable and repeated sequence, while poems do not need to follow a repeated sequence.

So, you can see that it is convenient for us to say that poems and songs are far from being the same thing in a literal sense.

Let’s dig deeper to provide more evidence as to why poems are not songs.

What Are Poems?

Poems can be considered as any composition under literature that chooses and organizes words into a piece following a beautiful and rhythmic pattern. They also please the interest of their readers depending on what the poems are based on.

These kinds of writings (poems)are structured in line with consideration of essential elements like stanzas, verses, meters, rhyming schemes, and also rhythmical patterns.

What Do Poems Express?

Poems express various themes like love, hate, regret, remorse, joy, anger and other important aspects of both fictional and non-fictional circumstances. Unlike songs, poems do not usually contain any elements of sound effects or instrumentation during recitation.

Now, let’s proceed to consider what songs are and how they are structured.

What Are Songs?

On the other hand, songs are also pieces of writing that are meant to be sung or set to music. The meaning of songs can be further discussed; however, to ensure even a layman understands the term, we choose to utilize this simple universal meaning to define songs.

How Are Songs Structured?

Songs are structured around more complex elements of music, such as melody and are greatly affected by the kind of instrumentation and the singer’s vocal ability.  All these elements will be considered for the song to sound pleasant to the listeners and can propel them into exhibiting some dance steps.

What Are The Length of Songs?

Generally, it is rare to find very long songs; hence most songs are concise. This is one of the predominant features that distinguish songs from poems. Yet, you can still find some songs to be considered long, although they may become boring as the listeners vibe on.

What Are The Length Of Poems?

Most poems like those of Shakespeare can be very long and even tend to have no limits when it comes to their length. Conversely, some poems can be short. In a nutshell, the length of a poem depends on the essence it has to deliver to its readers.

What Do Songs Express?

Songs like poems also can have certain expressions in terms of messages and themes they communicate to the listeners. These are usually backed up by instrumentation and depend on a regular rhythm. In most cases, songs are sung for entertainment, worship, and praise.


Poems and songs are often not just ordinary since they pass a very powerful meaning to their readers and listeners in most cases. Ironically, both concepts have been used and employed as a single term without regard to their real meanings in most books or articles on the internet.  

By and large, this article has made us understand that poems and songs are not the same but have similar features. After reading and digesting each point of this content, we are sure that you already understand that poems can be attributed to writing and songs can be matched to singing.


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