The Computer is a poem by Niyi Osundare that appreciates the significance of the advent of computers. The poet uses several figurative expressions to represent a computer in the best possible ways without distorting the features and functions of this modern wonder of the world.

The poem was one of those we reviewed in the Early Birds and you can enjoy the full version below.

The Computer Poem By Niyi Osundare

Fast as a hawk

Its eyes just as swift

To humankind the rarest gift

Here is a piece of wonder

That leaves the mouth agape

An awesome lot to ponder

A little tap on the mouse

Its working does arouse

Blinking and burning bright

And purring like a friendly puppy

It swallows all its floppy

Feeding fast on a diet of disks

That cut our daily risks

Ready helpmate for the human brain

Reducer of stress and strain

Left click, right click

It’s all done in a flick

As neat as a perfect trick

My busy fingers are dancing

The keyboard is singing


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