Looking for an exciting don’t quit poem to inspire you? Here is our recommended motivational poem.

Poems are more than just compositions of words and can have an eternal effect on those who rationalize every word of the poet. You can also gear yourself up when you are down with a good poem or some life-changing books.

Good enough, today’s poem will be directed towards helping you stand up and why you must not quit. Enjoy this amazing Don’t Quit poem by Ramon Yusuf.

Don’t Quit By Ramon Yusuf

No one ever said it would be easy

No one told you it would be rosy

Life is an embodiment of roses and thorns

Remember, we all cried when we were born

If the road is smooth,

Man would not appreciate the foot

When the road is bad,

You remember what makes you stand

Difficulties let us rediscover ourselves

They relate us to a game of chess

Where hierarchy is highly exhibited

The weak die to protect the fitted

Yet, you may be privileged to get the lost back

But which chess piece would you rather lack?

A queen or a soldier?

Why would you choose a soldier?

Best answer is their roles in the game

Stated by the rule of the game

Don’t you think that is life?

You don’t get to choose your position

Yet, you must not quit

You get to keep striving and thriving

You never can tell when the table might turn

Remember, a soldier may bring the queen back

Life is not fair

And no one cares

Where Peter falls,

And does not get help from Paul

Arise and Struggle

Cuz the world is a jungle

You must continue the everlasting chase

In this rather wicked place

What more should I tell?

What more do you want to hear?

The piercing truth or the soothing lies?

I only get to choose one

It’s time you stand

To face the world

It’s time you learn

To never, never, never, QUIT!

Don’t Quit Poem Analysis

Don’t Quit is a poem that aims to motivate people not to give up and face their challenges because life is always full of ups and downs. The poet attempts to make it known in the first two stanzas that nobody should anticipate a good life because it may never happen.

He then relates life to a game of chess in the subsequent stanza, where it is easier to capture the less powerful soldier than the strong members of the backline. However, he reminded us that a soldier that makes it to the opposition backline could be utilized to reclaim a lost queen. This shows that anyone can become significant if they persevere and continue to move.

The remaining stanzas were to motivate the readers, and the poet borrowed a famous quote from Churchill to wrap up the poem as he exclaimed that we should learn to Never, Never, Never, Quit.

The poem consists of ten (10) stanzas that comprise 10 lines each. While some of the lines form rhyming couplets, others simply fall out of the connection. Moreover, the concentration of the poem is not directed towards the poem’s beat but to the poem’s theme.

If the poem passes any inspiring message to you, we will be glad to hear from you in the comment section.


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