My Pen by Niyi Osundare is a poem from the popular poem book, Early Birds. The poem appreciates a pen and makes use of rhymes in every stanza. We included the poem in our review of the first 10 chapters of the Early Birds and now present the full version to you.

My Pen Poem By Niyi Osundare

Between my fingers and my thumb

It rests so quiet but never dumb

Sliding and gliding on the open page

It keeps me busy in my bookish cage

Its life flows straight from its foundation of ink

With which it makes the longest link

It pricks and probes with its nifty nib

Its tiny tooth, its eloquent tip

Digging and daring from the days of old

An ancient tool, forever bold

A world of words from its fluent tongue

The magic of music, the endless song

In its inky fountain, there is a glowing fire

We stoke it deep, and it takes us higher

Silent warrior with the thunderous word

Forever mightier than the mightiest sword

1. Who is the author of my pen?

Niyi Osundare is the author of the poem, My Pen.

2. What other name is given to the My Pen Poem?

Some people refer to the poem, My Pen, as the “between my finger and my thumb poem” by some people.


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