Battle For The Throne: Prologue

Read the prologue of the masterpiece (Battle For The Throne) by AJ Emmanuel.

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Battle Of The Throne

Genre:  Mystery and Family Betrayal

Battle for the throne is a story sets around the life of a young king named Alex, who lost his parent in a car accident and had to become the king of the Great US Nation at a time when the generational war between the US and China was bloodier than ever.

What led to the war remains a mystery to all except the young king’s uncle, Malcolm, who hopes to brainwash Alex and take over the throne in light of the war. Due to this, the war becomes two-faced for young Alex, who has to win both wars to liberate himself and his people.

Later, Richard comes to his rescue and helps him regain himself from the incident; the problem is still far from getting solved. The final solutions depend on the decisions of Alex as a king of the Great US Nation.

How will he do this? Can the war be stopped or conquered? Will Malcolm take over the throne? And many other questions surround this masterpiece of mystery.

Find out in this intriguing storyline full of suspense, mystery, and betrayal that brings reality into play.

Characters In Battle For The Throne

AlexKing Of The United States
SethAlex Father/ Ex King Of The United States
SarahAlex Mother/ Ex Queen Of The United States
MalcolmAlex Uncle/Prince Of The United States
EdwardAlex Best Friend/ Personal Guard
RichardSeth Personal Guard
TonyRichard’s Watchman
NicoleMalcolm Wife
FengKing Of China
Woo-benGeneral Army For China
ChenColonel For China
Chen-fuFeng Son/ Prince Of China
CassioKing Of England
ElizabethQueen Of England
JosephinePrincess Of England
RemyMalcolm Assassin
PhilipSeth And Malcolm’s Uncle
VictorKing’s Maker Of The United States
PaulThe HOD Of Technology In The United States
JugunuFeng Cousin
Honk1st Lieutenant Of China
SaulKing Of Israel
DavidSaul Bodyguard
Donald1st Lieutenant In U.S
Kennedy2nd Lieutenant Of U.S
JaceThe United States General Army
PeterThe United States Colonel

About the author

Emmanuel Ajiboye

Ajiboye Emmanuel was born in Yaba, Lagos, and is presently in his second year of study at Lagos State University (LASU). He enjoys writing stories during his leisure time and aims to inspire people through his works.


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