Genre:  Mystery and Family Betrayal

Amidst the bloodshed of the generational war between the US and China, a young king named Alex is forced to ascend the throne of the Great US Nation after the tragic loss of his parents in a car accident. But his newfound power is threatened by a dark force lurking in the shadows – his own uncle, Malcolm, who seeks to manipulate and brainwash him to seize the throne for himself.

But Alex is not alone in his struggle. With the help of a loyal ally named Richard, he begins to uncover the truth behind the war and the mysterious circumstances of his parent’s death. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, Alex realizes that he must not only fight for his own survival but also for the future of his people.

Can Alex rise to the challenge and save his people from the perils of war and betrayal? Will he be able to outwit his uncle and protect his rightful place on the throne?

The epic tale of Battle for the Throne will leave you on the edge of your seat, with twists and turns at every step and a sense of urgency that will keep you reading late into the night.”

Characters In Battle For The Throne

AlexKing Of The United States
SethAlex Father/ Ex King Of The United States
SarahAlex Mother/ Ex Queen Of The United States
MalcolmAlex Uncle/Prince Of The United States
EdwardAlex Best Friend/ Personal Guard
RichardSeth Personal Guard
TonyRichard’s Watchman
NicoleMalcolm Wife
FengKing Of China
Woo-benGeneral Army For China
ChenColonel For China
Chen-fuFeng Son/ Prince Of China
CassioKing Of England
ElizabethQueen Of England
JosephinePrincess Of England
RemyMalcolm Assassin
PhilipSeth And Malcolm Uncle
VictorKing’s Maker Of The United States
PaulThe HOD Of Technology In The United States
JugunuFeng Cousin
Honk1st Lieutenant Of China
SaulKing Of Israel
DavidSaul Bodyguard
Donald1st Lieutenant In U.S
Kennedy2nd Lieutenant Of U.S
JaceThe United States General Army
PeterThe United States Colonel

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