Texas City. 9:00 am. The Palace, 3rd October 1999

On a beautiful morning, the weather in Texas City was very cool and bright. King Seth was in his palace office room when one of his guards knocked on his door.

“Come in,” he said, sitting on his armchair, and looking towards the door.

The guard came in and bowed.

 “Speak up,” King Seth said once again.

“Your majesty, Prince Malcolm is in the palace hall and he wishes to have some words with you,” the guard said still bowing.

“Okay, I will be there soon, you may go,” Seth replied waving him off.

After the guard left, he took a deep breath, burying his face in his two palms, elbow on the table. God only knows what he was thinking. A few minutes later he stood up, looking at some files on his table before walking out of the room.

In the palace hall, Malcolm was seated on a couch sipping a soft drink and watching a movie. Not long after, King Seth walked in.

“Brother,” Malcolm said as he hugged Seth.

Malcolm continued after they disengaged, “Or should I say your majesty,” he teased him.

Seth laughed and then sat opposite Malcolm.

“So you said you wanna see me, hope no problem?” King Seth asked.

“Oh, nothing much, it’s about the war going on between us and China. You know, I heard they are trying to bring Israel into the war and you know what that means, the war is going to be too tough for us,” Malcolm said at first.

Seth only rested his back on the couch, saying nothing.

“You know,” Malcolm continued, “You don’t have to follow father’s instructions anymore, for goodness sake, father is no more, we can’t win this war, not now that they have Israel behind them.

What do you now think I should do?”

“I think we should retreat, let’s give in to the offer they are bringing in…”

Seth cut him off immediately. “No no no, it can’t work, there is no way I’m giving in to that bullshit. They are calling for backup, we are calling for ours, that is it,” Seth said angrily. “If you think you can convince me to appeal to whatever they are offering then you are wrong because it can’t work okay? So if you will excuse me, I have other important things to do,” with this, he walked out of the hall.

Malcolm shook his head as he walked out as well.


Two black BMW cars were parked at the doorway into the palace; four able-bodied men were seen neatly and smartly standing next to the cars. Malcolm walked out through the door and the four men bowed to him immediately and then opened the door to the first car for him. He looked around the palace before entering the car and then he was driven out of the palace. On his way home, he dialled his wife’s digit, and on the second ring, she picked up.

“Hello darling, how was it?” She asked.

“Not good, he disagrees, we will be working with plan B,” he replied. “See you soon,” he added as he hung up.

New York City, 12:30 pm, Advanced High School

Alexis was seen with his best friend Edward walking around the school premises, discussing when two huge black jeeps parked near them, and then Alexis’ mom, ‘Queen Sarah,’ got down from one of the jeep’s backseats.

“Mom!!” Alexis shouted as he ran into his mom’s arms.

“How are you doing?” She asked him.

“I’m good”…”Mom, what are you doing here?” Alex asked as he stares at his mother standing in front of him.

“Is it a crime to visit my child?” She replied with a smile

Just then, Edward greeted them with a bow and called her “your highness”

“Oh Edward, I’ve told you several times not to bow to me, please stop it,” she said, and then Sarah broke the silence, “Alex, your dad is celebrating your birthday in Los Angeles this year.”

“Wow, what a surprise,” Alex exclaimed.

“Yeah, so go get ready. We will be leaving the States very early tomorrow morning, including you Edward,” she replied.

“Alright Mom,” Alex said excitedly as he and Edward ran into their cars and zoomed off.

It was 1:00 pm at Malcolm’s house in Texas City. Malcolm’s cars entered the compound and immediately stopped moving. A guard stepped forward to open the backseat door, and Malcolm hurried out of the car and moved into the house.

“Welcome darling,” Nicole greeted him upon sighting him.

“Have you called him?” Malcolm asked.

“Yes, I was told they will be moving to Los Angeles tomorrow as a family to celebrate Alex’s birthday,” she replied.

“Then we are to carry out the plan tomorrow. Let him do a clean job,” Malcolm said.

 “Sure, your majesty,” Nicole replied as they both laughed.

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On the 4th of October 1999, three cars were seen moving together at the same pace on the highway. The first car was filled with guards, and the same goes for the last one, while the one in the middle was filled with King Seth’s family. Alex and Edward were having fun, playing games, while King Seth and Queen Sarah were discussing. Not too far ahead of the moving cars, about 30 kilometres away, was “Remy”, the assassin Malcolm hired.

He lay down some tire busters on the road and then hid somewhere. A few minutes later, the cars showed up still at the same pace towards the trap. On getting there, the car stumbled immediately and then BOOM! They got blasted. On seeing this, Remy did not wait for a second. He jumped into his sports car and then zoomed off at a very high speed.

Inside the car, Alex was injured but still trying to open the door which he later did. He and Edward were able to get down, but as they were trying to open the door for Seth and Sarah, the car blew up. This affected both Alex and Edward, and they fainted…


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