I never knew this is what will become of me. Ever since Peter has shown up, Leo has changed drastically. Leo who pampers me before now turns to Leo who does not care. He doesn’t come home as usual again. For the past 3 months now, Leo has not come home. He had left me all by myself in a two-bedroom flat with a big belly. Peter did not make things easier for me either. Each time he comes back from school, he always makes my stay in the house terrible. To crown it all, I will be nine months pregnant at the end of the month. I dare not go back to my parent’s house because I am sure my dad will send me out like a dog. I have no other option than to endure, maybe after giving birth to the child, Leo will change his ways.

I was in the sitting room waiting for my husband to come home which has become my habit over the last few weeks. This is almost 12:00 and my husband is not home yet. This is how I wait endlessly for him to come home but he never shows up. I was just about to put off the light and go back to my room to sleep when the doorbell rings.

“Coming,” I said as I hurry to check who it is, and behold, it is Leo, but looking different.

“What happened to you?” I asked paving the way for him to come in. That is when I perceive the smell of alcohol.

“But Leo, why are you doing this to me now, where have you been since all these days? You don’t call, you did not even consider that I am carrying your child.” I said angrily, pouring out my anger on him.

“Young lady, what did you want me to do? Won’t I work again because I have a wife who is pregnant,” he replied harshly.

“Because you are working doesn’t mean you will just treat me like trash, like I’m a forgotten human being, I am with child for goodness sake,” I said harshly back to him.

“Ella, mind the way you talk to me oo, don’t blame me if I lose it, you better dey your dey make I dey my day, why did I come home sef,” he said as he tried to walk past me, but how can I allow that?

I grab in by his shirt shouting at the top of my voice. “You will lose what? you better lose it you this wicked man, you b…..” that is when I receive the unexpected.

He gave me the worse beating of my life, even my parents have never beaten me like this before. ” If you dare shout at me again, na small you chop today, you will regret it forever, you bitch.” He said after hitting me several times and then staggered inside.

I sat there crying my lungs out. I never expect this turnaround. I cried over and over until I dozed off.

The next day, by the time I woke up, I find myself on the bed, next to me is Leo. I quietly sit upright on the bed then I heard his voice.

“I’m sorry,” he said facing me. I remained quiet looking at my fingers searching for God knows what.

“Babe please, I am really sorry, it was all because of the alcohol I drank yesterday night,” he said again.

“But why?” I said now crying.

“I am so sorry, I love you,” he replied as he hugged me.

I continue to cry in his arm. We settled the fight that morning and life returned to normal with our bond revived but who would have thought it is just for a while?

One fateful morning, I was in the kitchen washing plates when the doorbell rang, I walked to the door to see a young man and a woman at the doorway.

“How can I help you please?” I asked.

“My name is Phillip and this is my partner, Ola, we are police officers.” the man introduced himself showing me his identification card.

“Police officer? How…how can I help you?.” I asked once again nervously.

“Erm… we are looking for a young man called Leo Thompson,” Ola said.

“Ah, hope no problem ma?” I asked.

“N…” Philip was about to reply when Leo appears.

Darling, I am already going to work oo.” he said as he walked towards me and saw them.

“Leo, you are under arrest, anything you say now will be used against you in the court of law,” Philip said suddenly as he brings out his gun.

“Ah ah what is going on here…. how is my husband under arrest, what did he do?” I said pissed.

“Ma’am, your husband is a criminal which we have been looking for, so you better stay out of this,” Ola said as they cuffed Leo and took him out with them.

I was so confused at that moment because the Leo I know is not a criminal, so what is all this that is happening? I ran in to dress up properly and then ran to get a bike to the police station.

I got to the police station to see the officer in charge.

“What is your relationship with Leo?” the officer asked.

“I’m his wife sir, please help me, he is not the criminal you are looking for, he is a responsible man,” I said with my shaky voice.

“How old are you?” the man asked surprised.

“I’m 18 years old. Why are you asking?” I replied looking somewhat displeased.

“I’m just surprised to see you, an 18-year-old girl married to a 30+ years old man. Are your parents in support of this?” the officer asked.

This is now getting on my nerves. “Mr officer, please that is non of your concern, just release my husband because I think you got the wrong person.” I replied harshly.

“Well for your information, we are not mistaken, your so-called husband is a hardened criminal who we have been looking for for the past few weeks now, the officer said as he show me a video of Leo and some other men in a hotel, robbing with guns.

I was starstruck. I don’t even know how to react to this.

“So your husband is really guilty, and for your information, some people died doing the attack, and you know what that means, those who kill will also be killed. That is the law.” The officer said again.

I can’t even say a word anymore, I silently picked myself up and left the station. I am really doomed. I am pregnant with the father in prison who is likely to be killed. What will become of me? I can’t go back to my parent’s house. I have nothing. Why didn’t I listen to my parents back then?

Is this the love I said I found? This is not love, this is lost. I cried and cried but who will wipe my tears? No one… This is the price I have to pay for my foolishness.

This story is written by AJ Emmanuel 

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