I have heard so many stories about love, some say love is a scam while others say it doesn’t exist at all, but to me, these are all lies. Love, to me, is the most perfect thing that can ever happen to a person.

I met this dashing young man when I was in SS2 and you can call him every woman’s dream. He is tall and handsome with a perfect body structure. However, my parents are not in support of our relationship, why? They claim I am still young. Can you imagine?

A 17-year-old girl is still young!!! For real? They think we are still in the 19th century when parents make decisions for their children. I am definitely not buying this bullshit from them. I won’t let them decide for me, I will get married once I’m done with my final examinations.

“What are you saying?” A voice said to me suddenly. Opss! I have been thinking out loud all this while since I have forgotten I was in the class.

“What’s up with you?” You have been saying some strange words all this while. My friend Sophia said staring at me

“Have you been listening to what I’ve been saying all this while?” I asked.

“Not really, I can’t seems to put the words together…” She was cut short of her words as the teacher came in to begin his class.

After the school hour, I was on my way home with my friend, Sophia who keep bothering me with questions.

“Sophia….. please now,” I said frustrated.

“What is it? Is it a crime that I’m asking you questions?” She said staring at me with her mischievous eyes.

“Yes it is a crime, just let me be,” I said bluntly walking away.

“What’s up baby.” I heard a sweet voice. I turned back to see my handsome man walking towards me.

“Leo!!” I said as I run to hug him.

“Why are you shouting at your friend?” He asked me.

“Don’t mind her jare, she has been bombarding me with questions since morning.” I said as she just walk past us angrily.

“Let’s go jhor” I said again as we made our way home.

“So, when are your exams starting?” Leo asked.

“We are to start next week,” I replied.

“Ehnmm….. I actually want to tell you something” I said nervously.

“What is it?” He asked looking somewhat worried. “Ehnmm… the thing is I already make my decision, I want us to get married after I finish my WAEC exams,” I said.

“Ah ah, why? Are you not planning to attend a university?” Leo asked surprised.

“Leo, I just want us to be together, I love you so much and I can’t wait,” I said almost pleading.

“Okay…. but what about mommy and daddy, wh…” I cut him off his word saying “Don’t worry yourself, they can’t be the one to determine how to live my life….. so… what are you saying?” I finally asked.

“No problem dear, I will always support you,” he replied and we continue our journey home conversing with each other.

The next day was a Saturday and I have nowhere to go. After finishing my house chores, I retired back to my bed to chat with my love. Soon, I heard my mom’s voice shouting my name. “Ella!! Ella!!!” I grumpily walked out of my room to see her. “Ella!!” she shouted again. “Ma!’ I replied to her as I enter the sitting room.

“Don’t you want to answer me? Did you know since when I have been calling you!!” she barked at me but I remained silent.

“So you will not answer me abi? I should be barking. Ehn?” she said.

“Mommy I never said that now…I…”

“Will you shut up your mouth… what is all this nonsense that I have been hearing about you?” she said cutting me off from my words.

“What is it again?” I asked getting irritated.

“You will not hear word abi? You are still with that man, ehn? That man who already has a son, you are not even shameless at all, an old man for that matter.” she said angrily.

“Mommy, he is not old,” I reply folding my hands.

“Yen yen yen yen…. what are you saying that is not sweet in your mouth, a thirty years old man marrying a 17 years old girl, don’t you have any sense of reasoning at all, you and his son are age mate oo…. wait, don’t you have plans?” My mom said.

“Mommy, I am not a small girl anymore, I’m now seventeen for crying out loud, I can decide who I want to be with now, and by the way who told you he has a son? Yes, he is once married but they are no more together….ahh!!!” I replied angrily as I walk out of the sitting room.

I went into my room to pack all my clothes and walked out to leave.

“Where are you going?” my mom shouted.

“I am leaving the house for you, let me just go,” I replied about to open the door.

“If you step out of that door, don’t you bother to ever return to this house again.” I heard my father’s voice as he walked in.

“You will never see me again sef.” I replied angrily as I walked out of the house.

I heard my mother’s voice shouting “Ella! Ella!! Ella!!!…. but I have already made up my mind…

I get to Leo’s house a few hours later. He was surprised to see me with my luggage.

“What happened? Why are you here with your luggage?” He asked me worriedly.

I hiss. “It’s nothing serious jare, my parents have been on my neck since they know about us and I can’t take it anymore so I simply packed my load and left the house for them,” I replied unperturbed.

“But babe….” he was trying to talk me out of it but I cut him off with my kiss.

“Don’t worry about them Leo, let’s worry about our future,” I said.

He sigh before he finally replied. “Okay….let me help you settle.” He collected my bags and took them inside.

A month after my WAEC, I got married officially to Leo, without my parents’ support but who cares? I am living fine without them and to crown it all, I am already 2 weeks pregnant with Leo’s child. I was in the sitting room watching a TV show when someone knocked on the door. “Coming,” I said as I walk to see who it is, and to my surprise I saw a young guy. who really look like Leo.

“Who are you?” He said abruptly.

“Ahh ahh, see me see wahala oo, you knocked on my door and now asking me who am I, who are you by the way?” I said almost angrily.

He look rather irritated now but for some reason, he did not reply to my statement.

“Can I come in?” He finally asked more relaxed.

“Not until you tell me who you are looking for?” I said arm akimbo.

“Peter!” I heard Leo call from behind.

I turned back to see Leo walking towards us.

“Daddy, who is this girl?” the guy called Peter said as I looked back.

“Who be this girl? Is this one okay?” I replied angrily.

“Ella stop na, he is my son.” Leo said leaving me speechless.

In a confused state, I laughed. “Leo if this is a joke you better stop it, what is all this you are saying now?”

“Ah ah, will I lie to you about my son, he is my son, can’t you see the resemblance?” he said sarcastically as he signalled his son to enter.

“But…. but.. you.. you never tell me you had a child.” I replied confused.

“Babe…. you have seen his pictures in my house, haven’t you? Why can’t you ask who he is? Abeg go and cook for my son jhor, he is just coming back from school and tired, he said as he left the room.

I was left speechless on the spot, I can’t seem to place the words in my head because I remember asking him about this and he told me he never had a son, but where did this come from? I sat on the chair trying to place the words when Peter and Leo came out to the sitting room.

“Ehm… Peter, this is Ella my new wife and your stepmother….. Ella meet my son.” Leo said calmly.

“But Dad this girl is young now, she should be around 18 if I’m correct,” Peter said.

“Yes, but that is your father’s choice okay, accept it or leave it,” Leo said with authority.

“I’m not going to accept my age mate as my mother, who does that, what do you think my friends will say when they come here to see that my stepmom and I are age mates, it doesn’t make sense Dad” Peter said angrily.

“Peter, don’t put words in my mouth, this is your stepmom and that is final,” Leo said as he tried to leave. “Leo!” I called and he looked at me.

“What did you have to say Ella?” he asked. “You never told me it will be like this now” I said almost crying. “Babe I’m sorry, but you never ask if I have a child now… okay, when I get back we will talk better,” he replied as he opened the door to leave.


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