Tunes Of The Night is a goodnight poem (lullaby) that describes how a child feels while listening to a bedtime poem or story. It emphasizes the importance of lullabies in charming a baby to sleep.

Tunes Of The Night By John Jnr

Hello star, how beautiful you shone

Placed gigantically in the fine sky

I can feel the borborygmi; oh, they fly

In my sleep, I am just a sloe

Oh lullabies, my bedtime trinkets

To thy spice, I hear the cricket

Now my stomach giggles with no pretense

I welcome you with great intense

The song of lullabies

It’s the same every night

But they never get old

Instead, they are always more refreshing than the last

I close my eyes as I listen to its songs

My mind enjoys it but ignores its words

Changing beautifully is my mother’s voice

Dearly Daniel dwells mightily in his sleep’s soil

There’s pure emotion in mother’s voice

Listening, I find myself feeling afloat,

Drifting further into a colourful void

And her voice echoes the lullabies all around me

With every second that passes

I feel lighter and lighter

This is it, I thought

This is what freedom feels like

Only lullabies can make sleep free

Their tunes turn things lit

What a bizarre moment,

Overwhelmed with ecstasy

The lullabies resonating my condiments

I feel it deep down

Maybe it is just the words

Or maybe it is just the love

I’m in a trance 

Feeling the exhilarating emotions

This is why I love lullabies

They make me…

Tunes Of The Night: Analysis By Micheal Victor

This goodnight poem describes goodnight poems for babies known as “lullabies”. Lullabies can be either read or sung to the hearing of little children to charm them to sleep and calm their emotional stances.

In response to this poem, the poet enjoins the ecstasy surrounding lullabies by informing us of how he feels when listening to lullabies read by his mother. The poet made it known that when the lullabies are sung to him, he finds peace and falls asleep in harmony.

The poet began by indicating the best time to listen to lullabies; that is, at night with the following lines:

“Hello star, how beautiful you shone” “Placed gigantically in the fine sky”.

Furthermore, the poet also briefly points out his nonchalant attitude in line 14 – “My mind enjoys it but ignores its words”. This implies that he is less concerned about the poem’s message although he feels satisfied due to the great rhythm of the poem.

In a nutshell, this poem drives us to believe that lullabies are anticipated by children and usually ensure they sleep peacefully.

Tunes Of The Night: Poetic Device

1. APOSTROPHE: This is when the poet talks to an object as if its presence is certain or present.

We can see this in stanza 1 line 1 “Hello star, how beautiful you shone“, and stanza 2 line 5 “Oh lullabies, my bedtime trinkets?” And line 8 “I welcome you with great intense

2. PERSONIFICATION: This is when an inanimate object is given the characteristics of animated things.

Examples are “line 1 – Hello star, how beautiful you shone “, “line 2 – I can feel the borborygmi, oh they fly“, “line 7 – Now my stomach giggles…”, and line 25 – Only the lullabies can make sleep free”.

3. ALLITERATION:  This is when consonant words are placed side by side in a sentence.

These are used in lines such as “Line 4 – In my sleep, I am just a sloe“, “Stanza 4 line 16 – Dearly Daniel dwells…” and “Line 22- I feel lighter and lighter”.

4. RHYME: Most of the lines rhyme with one another and hence, the poet employs a rhyming style in his work.


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