Iya Mi Owon is a poem titled in Yoruba which translates to “My Dear Mother”. The poem describes the efforts and sacrifices made by a mother to ensure the success of her children. This poem appreciates the efforts of every mother, they are the real superheroes.

Iya Mi Owon By Ramon Yusuf

The deity that needs no palm oil

The pillar moulded without no soil

The heiress of Ileke  

Her sacrifices are nothing compared to thousands of Ileke

The one who doesn’t condemn her child

When the world sees a shild

She tells ’em, leave am

Monkey no fine, ‘im mama like am (pidgin)

She could have easily bought clothes…

Wrappers, blouses, gowns, and coats

But she chose to have two

So, her children can look good too

…”Black and Shine”…

…”Fresh and Fine”…

Are comments from foes and friends

But no one cares about the one who fends


Ku oro omo…

Ani e ba mi ki iya mi

The one who back and fed me

After a balanced 3-square meal

We still cry a great deal

Craving for biscuits and sweets

Unbothered about mama wey never eat (pidgin)

Her children’s education is a must

Even if she has to pass through the worst

Her favourite words are classical

“Te mi o ba ka, eyin gbodo ka”

Certainly, orisa biya kosi

Eni ti o she bi iya mi ko si

Iya mi owon,

May Eledumare ba mi ke o


*Abiyamo: Simply means maternity, but used to describe a woman who strives to take care of her children.

*Ku oro omo: This is an acknowledgement of the efforts of the mother on her children.

*Ani e ba mi ki iya mi: This means “help me say appreciate my mother”

*Te mi o ba ka, eyin gbodo ka: “If I don’t read, you must read”

*Orisa biya kosi: “There is no deity like a mother”

*Eni ti o she bi iya mi ko si: ‘There is no one that can replace my mother”

*Iya mi owon: “My dear mother”

*Eledumare: God


1. What is the theme of the poem, “Iya Mi Owon”?

The theme of Iya Mi Owon is appreciation. The poet shows gratitude to his mother through each line and praises her bravery.


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