Inu Rere is a poem directed towards the significance of the pure heart. The poet explains the fate of good-hearted people in a rather parabolic manner.

Read the poem below and see how much of the message you can decode.

Inu Rere By Niyi Osundare

When your heart is clean

And your mind is good

You will walk through fire

But you will not be burnt

You will run the race

You will not be tired

You will see a star

On the darkest nights

Your yam will be white and crisp

Your bread, soft and warm

Your song will be kind

The world will like to sing

Inu Rere means clean mind, kind heart, and good conscience in the Yoruba language

Summary Of The Poem Inu Rere By Niyi Osundare

Note: This summary was provided by Ayo Banjo as seen in the book “Early Birds”.

This poem is titled in Yoruba, and the meaning is given in the poet’s footnote. The poem celebrates the virtue of being kind and considerate. A kind and considerate person, the poet says, is at peace with himself and with the whole world; he is also admired by other people.

Notice the figures of speech used to make the poem memorable.

A kind and considerate man will “see a star on the darkest nights”. His “song will be white and crisp”; and his bread “soft and warm”. His “song will be the kind the world will like to sing”.

The poem is designed to encourage you to be kind and considerate. Think carefully about what the poem says.


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