Journey of a Man poem passes a great message to the ones who can interpret it as it entails all the sequential events that take place in the life of a man.

Journey Of Man Poem By Ramon Yusuf

A tiny-tailed organism runs to the ovary

To go through a process called fertilization

Then developed into the zygote

To be later raised into an embryo

Nine months later

The mother is said to be in labour

She pushes with all her strength

Hoping to hear the cry of a baby

A completely ironic day

Never to be forgotten in a person’s history

A day the baby will be in tears

And the mother’s face portrays no fear

He continues to grow

And begins to walk with four limbs

Both hands and legs are put into use

The Englishman believes he is crawling

Soon, he realizes the differences between animals

He thinks he is higher

And considers other animals as lower

He begins to move with only legs to prove his superiority

Yet, he is not seen mature by his fellows

They call him a child

He is entitled to parental care

He should be looked after by all

Few years into his journey of development

He wants freedom

He feels wiser and bigger

He says I am an adult

Loneliness then sets in

He begins to feel the need for a companion

He is attracted to an opposite sex

He eventually tie the knot

Now, he knows why he has gotten married

Not only for his own satisfaction

He must also fulfil his creator’s command

A natural obligation to make a family

He is happy with his achievement

As he attains old age

Noting each day he gets closer to his old self

He becomes a friend to the walking stick

He gets weaker

Flashbacks propelling hallucinations

Some days later,

He returns to his origin

His existence becomes a memory

To linger forever in the heart of his loved ones

The tragicomedy of higher animals

Higher animals, known as Man

Journey Of A Man Poem Analysis

The Journey of a Man poem is a poem about life that describes the journey of humans from childbirth to death and also points out how soon a dead man becomes a memory. The poem is directed toward making people realize that life is just a journey; we will all get to our destination at some point.

The memory you become is nothing but a representation of the man you were.

In the first stanza, the poet uses the biological process of conceiving to describe man’s entry into the world and touches on every important developmental change man experiences; from childhood, through adolescence to adulthood.


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