This poem on hope is written to motivate young people to keep thriving since there are always better days ahead. You can enjoy the poem below to refuel your energy.

Poem on Hope: What By Ramon Yusuf

What makes a man with an empty stomach keep smiling?

The unseen future called Hope

What makes a man leave his home in search of unplanted food?

The uncertain assurance called Hope

What makes a man thinks that drugs can cure illnesses?

Confidence initiated by the remembrance of Hope

What makes a lad read his books though his educated parent is poor?

The belief in an anticipated tomorrow filled with Hope

What drives our ancestors to form a nation?

A foreseen peaceful world guaranteed by Hope

What is that one word that binds us with an invisible rope?

The bondage of the word Hope

What keeps you going when you want to give up?

The belief that there are better days ahead stimulated by Hope

Things will always be difficult

But we are going to survive if only we have Hope

Remember, at the end of the tunnel

There is a light of Hope


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