Letter L of Life is a letter L poem that reminds people that life is nothing but vanity. It emphasizes the importance of being humble and taking things easy.

Letter L in the poem stands for levity. This is a vital attribute many people tend to leave out, and we hope you pick yours after reading the poem.

The Letter L Of Life Poem

What is the significance of a million fireworks?

When they would be burnt in celebration

What is the importance of a thousand clothes?

When a piece of white clothes will be needed for your burial

They say; nothing is permanent

Even Methuselah did not live forever

So, why do you feel superior?

Why do you consider life an asset?

Humans are nothing but visitors on earth

Enemies will die

Friends will be left behind

An inevitable separation of people

At the end of the tunnel

There is no light

But total darkness in the grave

Enjoy life but never forget the word “LEVITY”


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