Hello My Friend is a death poem that discusses the story of a man who regrets not saying hello to his childhood friend when he still had the opportunity to. The poem serves as a reminder to all to endeavour to reach out to our loved ones once we miss them. Life is unpredictable and surely, everyone owes death a debt, it can come for it at any time.

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Hello My Friend By Ramon Yusuf (Ramonsaint)

Today, I remembered a friend
He was like a brother then
Chasing each other around the house
Like Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse

The memories made me smile
I wished they could have lasted for a longer while
But life doesn’t work that way
Twenty children cannot play for twenty years, they say

It has been a while since we spoke
Though he recently reacted to my joke
…maybe I should have replied to him also
But what could I have said except hello?

Or maybe I should do that tomorrow
Since my battery is running low
I might even have better things to say
So, I just prayed and lay till the next day

Tomorrow will be here soon
I look forward to asking how he fares at noon
He definitely must be doing well
The last time I checked he was working at Shell

Allahu Akbar… It’s time for Fajr
But not only does the new day excite me
The thought of speaking with my friend again
Secretes more dopamine in my brain

I picked up my phone
Dancing to the tune of my ringtone
The caller shouted, put on your data!!!
I did and my excitement withers

I should have called him yesterday
Or maybe last Saturday
The day doesn’t even matter right now
I should have just replied when you called me a clown

R.I.P My friend


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