Knowing the best A to Z ABC poem example to teach your child or pupils about the alphabet is essential for effective learning. The poet uses all the letters in the English alphabet to compose an exciting alphabet poem. 

Enjoy the poem below for free. 

ABC Poem For Children 

A is for Apple, red and round,

B is for Bear, on the ground.

C is for Cat, with a purr so sweet,

D is for Dog, with four paws to meet.

E is for Elephant, big and gray,

F is for Fish, swimming away.

G is for Giraffe, tall and grand,

H is for Horse, on the land.

I is for Igloo, made of snow,

J is for Jellyfish, with a flow.

K is for Kangaroo, hopping along,

L is for Lion, fierce and strong.

M is for Moon, in the night sky,

N is for Nest, where birds can fly.

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O is for Octopus, with eight arms,

P is for Penguin, free from harm.

Q is for Quail, on the ground,

R is for Rabbit, hopping around.

S is for Snake, slithering by,

T is for Turtle, with a hard shell high.

U is for Umbrella, to keep us dry,

V is for Volcano, reaching the sky.

W is for Whale, swimming in the sea,

X is for Xylophone, making music for me.

Y is for Yellow, a bright and sunny hue,

Z is for zebra, black and white, true.

The alphabet, so vast and grand,

A tool for language, at our command.


1. What type of poem is an ABC poem?

An ABC poem is considered to be an acoustic poem by many people since it can be easily sung. However, it can also fall under some other categories such as lullabies, nursery rhymes, and so on.

2. Do ABC poems have to rhyme?

No, ABC poems do not have to rhyme. In fact, many of the ABC poems you would find do not rhyme. This does not imply that they cannot rhyme, but rare to find.


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