Enjoy the final saga of House Of Baba Sodiq Episode 5 – Exciting Nigerian comedy story, by A.J. Emmanuel.

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(The house was peaceful and quiet as people are still mourning John. Suddenly, a man and a woman scream from Lekan room. People rush inside to see what is wrong but the scene they saw shock them all. Behold are Lekan and Iya Sodiq naked with their private organs glued together.)

LEKAN: (Screams in pain.) Ye!!! Help me oo. Please, I can’t remove my penis oo.

IYA SODIQ: (Screams in agony) Abeg make una help me oo, my toto no wan gree commot oo. Egbami oo!

MAYOR: Ah! Ah!! Lekan, you of all people, sleeping with baba Sodiq wife and you know say baba Sodiq no dey use him wife play.

LIZZY: (Claps her two hands together.) Na so una dey do for here?

IYA SODIQ: Abeg una first help me commot this guy gbola for my toto. Mi le mu mora mo!

MAYOR: Iya Sodiq, you too of all people dey do this kind thing. (Shakes his head)

ALHAJA: From the look of this, e be like say na magu be this oo.

LEKAN AND IYA SODIQ: (Altogether) Ah!!!!!

MAYOR: Wetin u…

BABA SODIQ: (Cuts in from behind) Wetin dey happen for here. Una no get work?

LIZZY: Ah, Baba Sodiq welcome oo, come see wetin we see.

BABA SODIQ: (Enters the room) Wetin y….. (Trails off on seeing Lekan and Iya Sodiq glue together on bed.) Iya Sodiq!! So you fit do this kind thing for me. Ah!!!!

IYA SODIQ: I swear to God Na the work of devil, Ise esu ni, jo oko mi! (Pleading).

BABA SODIQ: Ah, walahitalahi, e ni bo n be, Na there una go die.

ALHAJA: Baba Sodiq, shey Na you put thunderbolt for your wife body?

BABA SODIQ: Yes na me and I no go give them the antidote Na there them go die.

LEKAN: Ah please, I will not do this again in my life.

BABA SODIQ: (Turns to leave them)

MAYOR: (Drags Baba Sodiq back.) Ah ah Baba landlord, Abeg pity them now. Don’t make them die, leave them for God.

BABA SODIQ: (Shot back angrily) Leave who for God? You no know I love this ungrateful woman. I love am die.

ALHAJA: I know say you love am but just pity am, no kill them. Shanu won.

LEKAN : (Screams in pain) Eh!!! This thing is f*cking painful, please I won’t do it again oo.

BABA SODIQ: You never know anything, ibi te ma ku si le wa yen. Na there una go die

IYA SODIQ: Ah Baba Sodiq, Jo , remember our love from the beginning, no do this for me!

BABA SODIQ: Ehn ehn so na now make it remember love, why you know remember the love before you slept with this bastard, and you know how I take love you.

LEKAN: Baba landlord, Abeg it will never repeat itself again, please have mercy. I will confess everything I did….. I am the one that kill John

ALL: Ah!!!!!!


(Lekan is in the room with John who is asleep, Lekan secretly took John phone and then use John’s face to unlock the phone; he opened WhatsApp to check for a client number when he saw some message between a native doctor and John planning to use him for ritual so as to make more money. Lekan was very angry and afraid so he thought he needed to act fast and the next day, he also went to meet a native doctor.)

LEKAN: Baba, I already have his picture and his hair. (He placed the two items on the table.)

BABA: (Laughs) Welcome my son, you have done well, now is the last part and the most very important aspect. I hope you can do it?

LEKAN: Yes baba, I am ready to do it.

BABA: okay. (He makes some incantation on the picture and then pass a knife tied with red cloth to Lekan.) Oya, shook the picture with knife.

LEKAN: (Lekan hit the picture with the knife.)

BABA: (Laughs) Well done my son, now the most important thing is done already, now come back tomorrow, I will make a concussion with this hair, make sure to come oo of not you will run mad oo.

LEKAN: I will surely come, thank you very much. (Stand to leave)


ALL: Ah!!!!

ALHAJA: Ah, aye ma nika oo. So Na you kill John all along.

BABA SODIQ: So na you kill John you come implicate my son, Na Ogun go kill you. In fact, na there you go die

IYA SODIQ: Ye!!! Iwo lo pa John. (Bites Lekan)

LEKAN: (Screams in pain)

(Baba Sodiq then inside to bring the antidote to release them. Upon being released, Lekan begins to laugh speaking gibberish and then ran out naked.)

(Light off)


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