Enjoy House Of Baba Sodiq episode 4 – Exciting Nigerian comedy story, by A.J. Emmanuel.

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(Sekinat is seen in the backyard washing clothes and then she felt the urge to vomit. She immediately leave what she is doing and began to vomit. Just then her mom, Iya Sodiq, enters with clothes. She immediately jerks up)

IYA SODIQ: (Looking at Sekinat closely) Seki!! What is going on?

SEKINAT: Nothing Maami As she returns to the laundry, when she felt the urge to vomit again.)

IYA SODIQ: Seki!! You don swallow cockroach?

SEKINAT: Ah ah maami, how I go come swallow cockroach when I no dey craze.

IYA SODIQ: Seki!! If I give you back hand ehn, you go dey wet now now I talk say you don get belle?

SEKINAT: (Terrified) Ah maami, I no get belle oo.

IYA SODIQ: You no get belle? Oya come closer. (She check her palm and then her eye balls) Eh!!!! Seki who give you belle? I say who give you belle?

SEKINAT: Maami nobody give belle oo, I no get belle.

IYA SODIQ: (Grab Sekinat) Seki jewo lero oo, you better confess. I say who give you belle?

SEKINAT: Maami…..

IYA SODIQ: (Cuts in) You no wan confess abi? Make I call Sodiq (Pick her phone to dial a number)

SEKINAT: (Terrified) Ah maami, I go confess.

IYA SODIQ: Oya, I dey hear you? Who give you belle?

SEKINAT: Na bro….. bro….. brother….. bro….

IYA SODIQ: (Cut in angrily) Eh!!! You don dey collect gbola? When you start to dey f*ck. Mo rogo la I de sele. Brother what give you belle?

SEKINAT: Eh!! I don enter trouble this morning and I tell am make a do am gently oo

IYA SODIQ: I say who give you belle?

SEKINAT: Na brother Jo…John, brother John o.

IYA SODIQ: (Scream) Egbami oo, Na John give you belle. Ah!!

SEKINAT: I tell am when he dey do am say make he do am gently say I no wan get belle now oo but he no listen oo.

IYA SODIQ: (Slap her angrily) Shey e gboro ode to n so (Listen to this fool). (Mimicking her) I tell am say make he do am gently o…….. Why you go meet am? Ah you don die today. Make I go tell your papa. (Scream) Baba Sodiq oo!!!!

BABA SODIQ: (Coming out of the room) What is it gan gan?. Una no fit give person peace of mind ni? E wo lariwo buruku laro kutukutu (Why are you making noise this early morning).

IYA SODIQ: Come hear wetin your daughter do oo.

BABA SODIQ: Wetin she do oo?

IYA SODIQ: She don get belle baba Sodiq! Your pikin don get belle!!

BABA SODIQ: (Surprise) Ehn?? I no hear you well. Seki don get belle abi wetin you talk?

IYA SODIQ: I say Seki don get belle!

BABA SODIQ: (To Sekinat) Shey wetin your mama talk true? You don get belle?

SEKINAT: (Ashame) E be like so.

BABA SODIQ: (Laugh sarcastically) who come give you belle oo

SEKINAT: Bro…. bro…..

IYA SODIQ: Na John give am belle.

BABA SODIQ: Which John? No tell me say na that John wey dey this house you dey talk oo.

SEKINAT: Yes na him.

BABA SODIQ: Ah!! (He rushes to John room) Ah John come out oo. Come out now now. (Knocking at the door)

LEKAN; (He opens the door) Good morning sir

BABA SODIQ: No greet me, where that your roommate?

LEKAN: John is not around sir, he went for morning class.

BABA SODIQ: He go morning class! Make he no enter this house again if not Na me go kill am.

LEKAN: (Exclaims) Ah! Baba Sodiq, what did he do?

IYA SODIQ: You dey ask us wetin he do? See my daughter, that unfortunate John don give am belle.

LEKAN: John impregnate Sekinat?

BABA SODIQ: Wetin be impregate again? I talk say John give my pikin belle you dey talk say dem impregate. See make I tell you if I catch John ehn….. in fact, Na Sodiq go handle am when he come. (To Sekinat) As for you Seki, (Pause and then snap his fingers at her) Wagba!! (He leaves with Iya Sodiq and Sekinat)


(Few people are seen rushing inside Baba Sodiq house with a young man in their arms crying)

MAYOR: Ah ah, wetin happen? wetin be this one again?

MAN: Eewo!! Na John be this oo, Na so we am.

MAYOR: John? Wetin do am?

WOMAN: We no know oo, Na so we see am oo.

MAYOR; Ah ah ah Baba Sodiq don finally kill person.

LIZZY: Ah ah,. why you go talk say Na baba Sodiq kill am?

MAYOR: You no dey house when Baba Sodiq dey threaten am say he give him daughter belle, not too long him and Sodiq went out.

LIZZY: (Realises) Ah Na true oo. eh!!!


BABA SODIQ: Wetin dey happen for here? (He notice John on the floor) No be John be this?

SODIQ: Oloriburiku Ara e no ni. (He walk towards him and give him a heavy slap)

MAYOR: After una don kill am you still dey slap him dead body.

BABA SODIQ: (Shocked) Ehn?? Wetin you mean? Me kill person?

MAYOR: No be you dey talk say you go kill am this afternoon and then not too long you commot with Sodiq.

BABA SODIQ: Ah!! (Stares at Sodiq) No tell me say na you do this thing?

SODIQ: No be me kill am oo!! I never see am until now self.

BABA SODIQ: Then where you commot go that time wey you talk say you dey come?

SODIQ: Ah ah, I just go meet my friends na!

MAYOR: You come tell them say make dem kill am abi?

SODIQ: (Confused) I no tell them make dem kill am, I tell them say anytime they see am make them catch am for me say I go teach am lesson.

MAYOR: So Na the lesson wey you wan teach be this abi? (To the People around) Catch this bastard jhor.

(Sodiq tried to run but he was surrounded and was taken to the police station)

(Light fades)


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