Story By Michael Victor

The fact that I couldn’t find Richard made the whole matter more confusing. The grey bearded man got what he wanted and I will ensure he pays bitterly for it. How on earth will someone ask for human parts, it annoys and irritates me. Richard will never dodge justice shot too, I am sure of that or is it possible for one to live in this life and escape Karma?
The grey bearded man was arrested and tortured, yet he claimed he knew nothing about my mother’s plight and he hasn’t seen Richard since we left his side.

That aside, My mom is dead. Oh! Jesus Christ, so I am fatherless and already lost my last corner stone; my mother is dead and even died anguishedly. Seeing my mother slaughtered like a cow gives me constant headache. Had I known, I would stayed back and took care of her with the available resources but I was scared of losing her. I hope she forgives me for the silly mistake I made. I went to Richard, trusting him and putting my confidence in him unwisely. How could I have been so foolish?

I am left with 200 000 naira to put things in place. I don’t want the money to be used unwisely hence I went to the mortuary with one of my neighbors, Adigun. Adigun who is a pastor and I went to bury my mom in a nearby cemetery. My mind was a bit at ease that I could bury my mom. I guess Richard gave me the money to bury my sick mom, I thought as tears dropped from my eyes.

I am now left with #89,000 but what will this do? I decided to confine in Adigun and told him about the money with me. I asked him what I could do with it. However, little did I know, I was about to walk into another trap. Do you know what it means to easily hand over yourself to predators? Guess you will understand soon.

Adigun suggested that we should visit one of his friends that owns a supermarket so he would help us with some business strategies on how to establish a small business with the available funds.

“Bro, God bless you gan oo. Walai na only you get now”, I said this happily and He said “Bro forget jor, we gather dey na but na my place you go sleep this night so we go quick comot for ouz”.

“My man, no wahala, make I go my room go bring my cloth wey I go wear tomorrow”, I replied as I stepped out

Life sometimes plays with our emotions and I don’t know why. Despite the fact that I am trying hard to survive, life has just decided that; ok let me play with his remaining days of his worthless life.

It was around 12:35 am when I heard a bang on the door and yeah, they were robbers. I always sleep with the door shut, but I can’t say if Adigun has locked the door or not, all I knew was that some masked gun men bashed in and asked us to bring the money with us.

“If una no cooperate ehn, I go make this night be the last night una go see” said by one of the gun men whose voice sounded like a bass guitar.

“Baba, we no get money, anything wey u wan do make u do” said by Adigun without even showing any remorse.

“So na you get liver pass abi” said another guy with a weed between his fingers.

Well, I guess Adigun has some charm that could make no bullet penetrate his body

Bu… Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! I heard gunshots before I think about his actions properly. Like a dream, I saw Adigun on the floor and blood gushing out from his forehead.

“Holy Mary, Mother of…” “E remain you, try nonsense make I end your foolish and miserable life” The thief who fired the shot interrupted me immediately.

“Now, where the money wey dey this house before I ask my guys make them test their cutlass for ya body now?” The man whose voice sounds like bass guitar asked aggressively.

“I get money sir. I get money sir. I mean say money dey with me ooo” I was talking and shivering as if I have a severe cold.

“Oya bring am abi you want make we…” I immediately interrupted him again “Na him be this sir. Na him be this ooo. No vex daddy”. I said shaking my legs as I couldn’t still believe Adigun is dead

“Jaga, Shey make we count am nii?” Asked one of the gun men. “No need, make we move. Oya boys carry this idiot go him room” said the bass guitar voice.

But wait, How did these people know that Adigun’s room is not my room? Something fishy is going on. Life is just silently wicked to me. I was taken to my room and locked there.

“Oya make we move, no lock that one. Leave am like that”. The bass guitar voice said as their footsteps faded away.

I was left inside my room to remain numb and wondering if the whole world is now about to be against me.

The next day around 8am, people were already making this kind of mourning noise outside.

“I still saw him yesterday, sitting here with Mr Victor” said one voice from outside.

Then I knew I am really doomed, no doubt.

“This is his room, he is inside. He has decided not to come out because he knew what he did” Said another tiny voice from outside.

I hope that voice wasn’t referring to me? I don’t think it was. Before I knew, I started hearing knocks at my door. Why are they knocking at my door and secondly didn’t they see that the door is locked from outside. Suddenly, the door was opened as if it wasn’t locked at all.

“Look at the wicked guy. I told you people that he is inside” said by one slender lady from nowhere.

“The doo…” before I could finish talking I was interrupted by a tall huge man in police uniform

“Mr man, are you Victor Michael?” “How did all these people know my full name?” I said this to myself then I answered “Yes, that’s my name and sir, what’s happening?”

“Mr Victor Michael, You are under arrest for the murder of Mr Adigun Ajibola. Anything you sa…

“I immediately interrupted “Hello. can someone explain what’s go…”

The police officer interrupted again “Mr Man, whatsoever you say here would be used against you in the court of law. So do yourself good by cooperating”

I was brought out from my room then I saw Adigun’s sister crying bitterly and holding the face cap Adigun put on yesterday. The cap alone made me believe that life is a true joker and chronic trickster. I stood outside and reminisce over yesterday’s events between Adigun and I. How we planned to establish a bigger business for ourselves only for some unknown men to spoil the plans. They didn’t only spoil the plans, but they killed the propounder and put me into a big mess.

“Mr Friend, move before we force you” Said one of the police officers after hitting me so hardly that I nearly fell off the pavement.

One thing I am certain of is; whosoever that kills would be killed also but I haven’t killed anyone then why am I taken away? If I am taken to court then I would be sentenced to life imprisonment or sentenced to death by hanging. Either way, who am I not to accept my fate.


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