Story By Michael Victor

Life in the dark isn’t easy, though the hunger and the scar I got from the hot pressing iron have changed the state of my brain and I am used to it. I have nobody to talk to or express my thoughts to, I am just left here all alone to die partially before death finally comes. Right now, I guess I am a walking dead because I am dead externally and almost dying internally.

But come to think of it; Am I the one suffering Richard’s punishment? I don’t seem to understand everything anymore. This life is so myste…

“Mr man, come out before you kill every spirit in this room,” said one malnourished human that calls himself a police officer.

He opened the door and at last, I could see the sun again after spending ages in the dark. I guess he hasn’t brushed his teeth because his sour breath started upsetting my stomach even though I haven’t brushed mine.

“Killer bean” he said and pushed my shoulder even though he stretched his body to get to my shoulder. I looked at him with distaste then he spoke again

“Oh, you want to kill me just the way you killed others abi?”
I was led to the D.P.O’s office where I met the slender lady that came with the police to arrest me the day after Adigun was killed. Is she here to ask me another question that would provoke my dark side?

“Mr Victor, I guess you know this lady?” The DPO asked me. I nodded my head so it won’t seem as if I am the killer or stubborn murderer they claimed I am.

“Well, she came here this morning to inform us that… Let her explain herself” he said while pointing to the lady.

“Mr Victor, I am very sorry for everything. Adigun and I planned it”. She said almost shedding tears.

Okay, now life is pitying the state of my mental health and well-being. But did she say Adigun and her planned to put me in prison or… I don’t even understand.

Let her continue. “I don’t seem to understand your statement. Please come again in full details” I said this in a gentle way as if my last life is about to be used off.

“I was in need of #50 000 to abort my pregnancy. Adigun got me pregnant and he promised to take responsibility. I trusted him and even said I would work harder to help him double his hustle. Then I saw Adigun with another lady who happens to be my friend. I however told Adigun that I am not interested in him but he should give me the #50 000 naira so that I would abort the child and take care of myself.

He said he has no money but one of his friends which is you, has up to 100 000 naira. He then advised me to plan with some guys to come and rob you in his room. The main plan was that they should shoot him a fake bullet in his shoulder then he would pretend he was shot. For you not to suspect him, I would come with the police to arrest you when he is in the hospital. Afterwards, he would request for your release so you would think he has done well for you” She said all these and burst into tears.

I stood there and said nothing because I was boiling inside me and if care is not taken, I might jump on her.

“You guys were attacked according to the plan but Adigun was shot in the head with a real bullet” By now, her tears were much more than before.

“Wow! Jesus Christ” I was nearly shedding tears because Adigun just died just like that.

“She said she went to the robbers for her share only for them to tell her that she has no share because the money they collected from you was not much and the bullets they wasted consumed the whole money. Then she decided to go to the hospital where Adigun was taken to because she didn’t see Adigun that morning but was told that Adigun has died 8 hours ago. She couldn’t sleep with the burden so she came to inform us about everything.

Fortunately for us, we caught the men and they are in the cell” The DPO said this and was trying to file some documents.

“Mr Victor, your first case has been justified so you are not guilty of Mr Adigun’s death but…” He said searching for what I don’t even know. I knew what he wanted to say so I was not surprised at all.

“So Mr Victor, you are hereby charged alone for the death of Mr Agbidiri Adbiola. Prepare to face the court’s judgment on Tuesday” he said while signing a document. The way I looked at the slender lady was enough for her to commit suicide.

“You know Adigun and yourself made me be in all this mess. I was accused of killing people twice and I know nothing about it. If not becau…” then she interrupted immediately

“The way God fought for you on Adigun’s case so will He for this cas…”

I immediately cut her off with anger “May that God Punish you and your generation. May you never…”

The DPO cut in “Hey, will you keep quite? Sergent Ebuka, take this guy to his dark cell”.

It’s Tuesday, the day I would love to meet my maker and my mother peacefully. However, when I am there with God, I would love to know who was in charge of managing the life that was revolving around me. I am keeping to myself what I will do to the person.

Fortunately for me, the government decided to offer me a lawyer. This man really tried in defending me and not only that, he made reference to Adigun’s death stances. After so many arguments, the court decided to sentence me to 15 years in prison.

Wow! I thought they would kill me. Why is life against my soul and opinions? I was led outside by some police officers and I looked at the lawyer that stood for me and I said while smiling “Thank you, Sir”.

“Man must be a man no matter what. If you think say you dey gentle, one day you go para pass person wey dey para. You never know anything. Hehe…Hahahaaha” These were the words a madman from nowhere was saying on the court premises. But how on earth would a lunatic be allowed in the court?

“Hey you! yes you” the mad man said and pointed at me.

“What’s wrong with this one,” I said within my side but a little scared. Then the madman started running towards my direction and no one could stop him. He was running as if he was being chased by a lion and being sent to hug me.

“Hey are you ready?” he asked me standing at my front. “Ready for what? You guys should take this ma…” before I finished talking he hit my head with a stick then I fell to the ground.

Beep! Beep!! Beep!!!

“Where am I?” I asked then I saw my mom sitting with me holding my hands and smiling at me. “My son you have been in a coma for the past 1 month now,” she said shedding tears.

What I don’t understand is how did this woman get her hands and legs back completely? She has no scars from the cutlass.

“Mom, where is Richard?” I asked then Richard entered immediately.

“Brother man, I am happy you are alive,” Richard said while smiling.

“What happened?” I asked in a slow manner. “Agbidiri and I planned to see if you have patience in life because you have been unable to secure a job. But you proved to us that you have patience and no trust issue. However, after you left us in the room, you had an accident. You were hit by a car which landed you here in COMA. Thank God you can recognize us”.

I remained silent as my heart felt heavier as I tried to talk but I couldn’t. I felt like I was being strangled and started shivering. My mom started crying, shouting and calling for the doctor. Richard rushed out to check for the doctor.

“Please my son, don’t do this to me. Stay and take care of your sick mom” she said while crying bitterly.

I wished I could be in charge of my life but the owner has taken what belongs to him. I shed tears as I gave up the ghost. When I finally found a headway, death came knocking. I trusted life but life care less.

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