Lonely Life poem ranks among the best sad poems on the internet and connects the poet’s feelings with that of the reader. It expresses the sad reality of life and the experiences of a lonely man.

Lonely Life Poem By Ramon Yusuf

When I am drowning in my thoughts

Hearts filled with sorrow and emotions

When I am lying under my cot

Tears escaping my eyes without caution

When I got food in my pot

But no friends to ask for their portion

When I am sued in court

Having no one to support my motion

When I finally decided to accept my lot

Trouble comes from all directions

Happiness is all I sought

But guess it is not volition

Life is like a deep cut

A letter without introduction

Where some people are known

Others without no worth

Some are seen without any but

Others blamed for their transgressions

Only if these feelings can rot

Without no decomposition

Then the loneliness I hated and fought

Might release me from its sanction

Analysis Of Lonely Life Poem

Lonely Life is written in two lines per stanza (couplets), each representing divergent experiences that let the poet realise how lonely he is.

The poet also attempted to create a rhyming scheme using the first line of each stanza as well as the second lines. This poem is only an expression of the poet’s past experiences propelled by memories.


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