ATTENTION! AT EASE!! is one of the best soldier poems on the internet written to commensurate the Army Day celebration in Nigeria and to appreciate the soldiers’ efforts. It depicts the struggle and bravery of the men in camouflage.

Send a copy to every man out there fighting for the safety and freedom of their nation. We adore and celebrate every brave soldier around the world


At ease!!
Yet our lives swim in tension,
At least,
We are strong within,
But in our family’s mind, there is no peace.

We fight with our weapons,
Communicate with agony,
Our soul, joy, laughter and harmony…
All these they stand to dine on
Oh, after fighting, we find less remedy.
After dying, they see our families as “sorry” entities.

Well, we will keep going,
Our minds and guns,
We’ll keep loading.
Yes, they will keep crying,
Our happiness is gone
Our souls will keep dying.

At ease!!
That’s the call,
I hope to say more,
But dead and rotten is my cup.


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