Still Feels Like Yesterday is a reflective and romantic love-at-first-sight poem that explores the unpredictable nature of life and the power of taking chances. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt language, the poem tells the story of a young man who falls in love with a stunning girl but feels inadequate to win her affection.

The poem is a celebration of love and the unexpected turns that life can take, reminding us to take chances and never give up on our dreams.

Still Feels Like Yesterday By Ramon Yusuf

Side view of full body of two friends or couple silhouette of teens facing at sunset on the beach with the sun in the middle

It feels like yesterday we donned butter-coloured shirts and knickers so mellow

Focused only on books and grades, not knowing life’s unexpected blows can make one’s mind bellow

Then came a girl so stunning, my heart skipped a beat like an errant cello

But my looks left me sad, a pauper hoping to win a queen’s coveted yellow

Then one day, scrolling on Facebook, I saw her profile and thought, why not say hello?

 I took my chance and messaged her, my heart pounding like a raging buffalo

And to my surprise, she messaged back, our connection starting to grow

Long story short, time travelled faster

And now, I cannot do without her

Not sure if she feels the same, but you can always ask her

Commentary Of Still Feels Like Yesterday

The poem starts with the speaker reminiscing about their past when they were younger and focused solely on books and grades. The use of the phrase “butter-coloured shirts and knickers so mellow” sets a nostalgic tone, evoking memories of a simpler time. However, the speaker notes that they were unaware of the unexpected challenges that life can bring, which is a universal theme that many readers can relate to.

The introduction of the girl in the poem is where the tone shifts to a more romantic one. The use of the word “stunning” to describe the girl emphasizes her beauty, and the simile “my heart skipped a beat like an errant cello” effectively conveys the speaker’s physical and emotional response to her presence. However, the speaker is also realistic about their chances with her, acknowledging that their looks might not be enough to win her affection.

The turning point in the poem is when the speaker sees the girl’s profile on Facebook and decides to message her. The use of the phrase “heart pounding like a raging buffalo” creates a sense of urgency and excitement, highlighting the speaker’s bravery in taking a chance. The fact that the girl responds positively to the message and their connection grows is a hopeful and romantic moment in the poem.

The final lines of the poem are a declaration of love, with the speaker admitting that they cannot imagine life without the girl. However, there is also a sense of uncertainty, as the speaker is not sure if the girl feels the same way. This ambiguity adds depth and complexity to the poem, as it reflects the reality of many relationships where one person’s feelings may not be reciprocated.

Overall, the poem is a heartfelt and relatable exploration of love, nostalgia, and the unpredictability of life. The use of vivid language and strong imagery effectively conveys the emotions and experiences of the speaker, making it a memorable and engaging piece of poetry.


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