This is yet another exciting breakup poem by Ramon Yusuf titled Fate, Love, And Tears. The poem depicts the unfortunate situation many young lovers find themselves in today due to circumstances they cannot control.

The poet was of the opinion that true love might not be enough to uphold a romantic relationship.

Enjoy the poem below.

Breakup Poem
Fate, Love, And Tears

Breakup Poem By Ramon YusufFate, Love, And Tears

I never wanted to say sorry

Because I didn’t want to let go

Restrictions were involved

Like the feelings were borrowed

Love remained intact

Yet, our hearts were filled with sorrow

Reminiscing the sweet memories

Imagining the anticipated tomorrow

My eyes were filled with tears

From the excruciation in the bone marrow

Maybe, it was fate that got the better of us

But, destiny should have permitted some further crow

Expectations were high

Reality forefronting  the blockage of its free flow

I still hope you are by my side

Though the hope is losing its glow

Many thoughts we were perfect

Nature refuses to follow

Trying to move on with life

But in sadness, man continues to wallow

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All I look forward to

Is the day I will overcome the lovely pain

The day I will put aside the painful love

The day I will say goodbye


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