Enjoy House Of Baba Sodiq episode 2 – Exciting Nigerian comedy story, by A.J. Emmanuel.

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Two young ladies are seen, fighting eachother.

ALHAJA: (Tying her wrapper very well.) Ashawo!!! Ah ah, na only you. Every night person no go fit sleep. Na different noise we go dey hear. Wetin happen. See ehn, If I see any of that your stupid client in this house, I go make sure you are all arrested.

LIZZY: (Claps her hands.) Egbami oo, see me see wahala. If them born you well, stop my client when they come. E be like say you never see madness before.

ALHAJA: Abi olriburuku leleyi (It seems this is an unfortunate fellow). So because say you dey work now make person no fit sleep peacefully again. If I slap you ehn, you go see your period.

LIZZY: Alhaja no bee send you message oo. Na my own work I dey do, make you too go do your work. It just as simple as that.

(This went on. Alhaja and Lizzy are both throwing insultive words at eachother. After some minutes, Baba sodiq came out to settle the fight.)

BABA SODIQ: What is happening here now. Don’t you guys have job to do. It is too early for all this nonsense now. (Walking towards the scene)

ALHAJA and LAZZY: Good morning Baba landlord.

BABA SODIQ: Ehn, Good morning. Ah ah Alhaja, what is going on here now. Why are you fighting early this morning?

ALHAJA: Baba landlord, na this prostitute oo. See Baba landlord, I can’t sleep in the night. Na different ringing tone I go dey here. Ye ah oh every night, kilode?

LIZZY: Na my own work be that, I no know as e take concern you. No be for my room I dey do my thing.

BABA SODIQ: ( Calming Lizzy down.) It is alright Lizzy, calm down. Ehn, Alhaja, haa baa. Ah ah, is she screaming in your room?


BABA SODIQ: Did she bring her clients into your room?

ALHAJA: Nigba ti o mu emu yo (When she is not drunk).

BABA SODIQ: Then why the talk? She is doing her thing, you too do your thing. Simple.

LIZZY: Abi oo. Help me tell am baba landlord.

ALHAJA: So that is all you will say Baba landlord.

BABA SODIQ: What did you want me to say?

ALHAJA: Ah ah, no be your fault na, when you are among her clients, why won’t you support her?

BABA SODIQ: Lizzy, you can go jare. (trying to leave with Lizzy.)

ALHAJA: Ekoranulo, eyin Oni shina yi. Agbaya osi (Insults Baba Sodiq). (She enters her room.)

(Lekan is seen entering the compound with his luggage. John,Lekan’s new roommate, came out to bring him in.)

LEKAN: Thank you very much brother John. I really appreciate.

JOHN: Ah ah stop it now. Stop calling me brother here. Bro this is a university not a secondary school were by you will be addressing everybody you see as sister or brother.

LEKAN: (Smile) Okay oo. Thank you very much.

(As they are about to step into the room, Sodiq ran in with a bag as he flew past the fence to the next compound and then ran off. After a while, a few men with sticks ran into compound)

1ST MAN: (To John and Lekan) Where is he? Where is Sodiq?

LEKAN: (Fidgeting) I don’t know….. Who is Sodiq?

2ND MAN: (Angrily) The boy wey just enter here now, where he dey?

LEKAN: He j….

JOHN: (Cut in) We don’t know where he is oo, we are just entering the house.

2ND MAN: Shey una dey whine us?

1ST MAN: Are you trying to help him hide? you better tell us where he is? Do you know what he stole? (Point to a woman beside him who is almost crying.) He stole her bag and inside that bag is huge money so you better tell us where he is?

John: We really don’t know where he is. We just got here.

(While they are still arguing, Baba Sodiq came out from his room)

BABA SODIQ: What is it now? Kilode?

1ST MAN: Ah! ah!! Thank God we met you. Baba Sodiq, it is your son we are looking for oo. Your son have stolen someone else bag and inside that is contribution money.

2ND MAN: Yes oo. Make you provide your son o if not Na you we go arrest. Baba thief.

BABA SODIQ: (Surprise) Ah!! Abeg make una no vex. (Soliloquies) Ah! This child no go kill me. Oh God why did I deserve this boy. (Sigh) How much is the money he stole?

WOMAN: It is one hundred thousand naira oo. Na the contribution money wey I just collect this morning.

BABA SODIQ: Ah!! Okay please come back tomorrow morning, I promise your money will be ready. Please.

WOMAN: It should better be ready oo. (She walks out.)

2ND MAN: (Sarcastically) Baba Sodiq make we no catch your son o if now ah! I no go talk wetin we go do. (To the rest) Make we dey go jare. (They all leave the compound.)

BABA SODIQ: (Exclaims) Ah Sodiq don kill me. Where I wan see one hundred thousand now. (He enters his room.)

LEKAN: John, why did you lie that we did not see Sodiq?

JOHN: (He immediately covers Lekan mouth) Ah, don’t say that you see him oo. Sodiq is a member of a cult group and he is very dangerous. If we tell them where he went by the time he come back for us ehn, I pray you never experience that oo.

LEKAN: (Surprise) Ah, is it that serious?

JOHN: Yes oo. Now let’s go inside. (They both enter the room)

(Light out)


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