Enjoy House Of Baba Sodiq episode 3 – Exciting Nigerian comedy story, by A.J. Emmanuel.

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(Lekan can be seen in the room seated on the bed. He places his cheek on his palm lost in thought. Few minutes later, John enters the room but Lekan who is lost in his thought did not notice he came in.)

JOHN: How far now Lekan.

LEKAN: (No response)

JOHN: (Soliloquies) Ah, what is wrong with him? (Tap him) Lekan!!

LEKAN: (Jerks up) Oh! You are back. What’s up now?

JOHN: What is wrong with you now? What are you thinking about?

LEKAN: (Sighs) Why won’t I think? This is now my third semester in school and I am already having issues. Come to think of it, I have not paid my school fees, I have not pay my house rent. Where did I want to see money?

JOHN: (Sits) Lekan…… If I tell you how you can make money will you agree?

LEKAN: (Eagerly) Of course, I will be willing to learn.

JOHN: You have a smart phone don’t you?

LEKAN: (Confused) Yes.

JOHN: Are you willing to do G?

LEKAN: G? what is G?

JOHN: (Rolling his eye) Yahoo! bro.

LEKAN: Yahoo? Ah I don’t think I will be able to do that?

JOHN: Are you not willing to make money? Here is a way to make money and you are here not willing to do.

LEKAN: That is more like stealing now.

JOHN: Bro, it is not called stealing, it is called out smarting and they are foolish enough to give you.

LEKAN: (Silent)

JOHN: Bro this is an opportunity and here is the deal I have a client for you and you are smart bro. With this you will be able make close to $500.

LEKAN: (Surprise) Seriously? I will be able to get $500? That will be….  (Trying to calculate the money in naira.)

JOHN: ₦700,000 bro. That is enough to settle all your financial situation for now. What do you think?

LEKAN: Okay. How do I start?

JOHN: Okay, this is how we will do it. I have an account so I will give you that and introduce you to the client as my boss. It will be about business, you act like my boss I act like a client between you two, he is looking for a job a you will help him create a fake document and ask him to pay $500 for the job and then we are in.

LEKAN: Alright, when do I start now?

JOHN: just relax, we will discuss in the night.

LEKAN: Alright, thank you bro.

JOHN: You are welcome bro. Cheer up jare. I dey come. (Walk out of the room)

(As John came out he met Sekinat the landlord daughter on his way)

JOHN: Seki Seki fine girl.

SEKINAT: (Blushing) Brother John! Good evening.

JOHN: (Dragging Sekinat towards himself) Seki!! How far now can you come to my room this evening?

SEKINAT: Ah! ah! Wetin I wan come your room do?

JOHN: Come on! Why are you doing like this now? Since all these days you no wan gree for me.

SEKINAT: (Timidly) Brother John, you know i am still a virgin.

JOHN: I know and I promise to take care of you.

SEKINAT: what if I get belle?

JOHN: Come on Sekinat, you not a small child now. You can’t get pregnant.

SEKINAT: Hmm okay oo, I go come your room this evening.

JOHN: Alright dear, take care. (Stare at Sekinat buttock as she leave) Omo, this babe get yansh, I must taste am this night. (He leave the compound)

(Just as John leave the compound, Lekan come out of his room and saw Iya sodiq on her way out)

LEKAN: Good afternoon

IYA SODIQ: Good afternoon jare Oko mi. (She walk past him)

LEKAN: (Soliloquies) Omo this woman fine oo

MAYOR: You better no go that area at all.

LEKAN: (surprise) Ah! when did you get here?

MAYOR: When you dey look person yansh how you know when I reach here.

LEKAN: Even though, that woman who is she?

MAYOR: She be baba Sodiq wife oo

LEKAN: (Exclaim) Oh, Omo baba Sodiq dey lucky oo, that woman fine jhor.

MAYOR: Baba Sodiq no dey use him wife play oo. You better no go that area.

LEKAN: Omo, I must get that woman oo

MAYOR: I dey warn you oo, before you start to dey somersault up and down person wey dem done use do ritual.

LEKAN: Ah ah what is that now, why you go talk say I dey somersault?

MAYOR: Na so them go they talk I pity your life. (He walk out)

(Later in the evening Sekinat sneak into John and Lekan room)

JOHN: Seki Seki

SEKINAT: Brother John.

JOHN: I already tell you that you should stop calling me brother John.

SEKINAT: (Blushing) okay oo

JOHN: (To Lekan) Bro abeg, can you excuse us for some minutes. (Wink at him)

LEKAN: Hmmm opor, hot boy.

JOHN: (laugh) Abeg commot jhor. (lekan left) Oya come closer now Seki.

SEKINAT: (SHYING) Sha take am easy with me oo

JOHN: Come closer jhor.

(Sekinat move close to John on the bed.)

(Light off)


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